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May Talk with Fiona Scott

May is the last month of spring and the month often signifies growth – and is derived from the Greek goddess Maia. It’s often a time of events and festivals nationwide. It’s a busy month and it’s also the countdown to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.

We’d like to find out more about what your business – and you – have planned and today we're talking to Fiona Scott, MD of Scott Media which offers PR training and services to small businesses including retained publicity services, animation and videography alongside blog writing and strategy and social media management for organic growth.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far in your business? 
It's been very very busy and there has been the air of a 'spring clean'. Some clients have come to the end of project work with me and others have come along with plans for growth. I've also joined in some wonderful collaborations with various consultants for small businesses and that's something which I love too.

Have you got any milestones coming up in May?
May is usually busy and I've got another business show with a speaking gig planned for two weeks' time as well as a day with a large company in another county as they want me to start training their marketing staff in how to engage effectively with the media. I find this is common that marketing staff avoid the media because it's too difficult and too risky (in their minds!). 

This has been a challenging time for some businesses – with issues around supply chains and cost of living rises – how are you facing that as a business or as a consumer?
This is true and as a consumer I'm affected as much as anyone else. In fact our energy bills at home have risen by almost 75 per cent from this month when our current tariff has come to an end. In terms of business, I'm fully aware of supply chain issues, rising costs and also the impact of a shortage of semi-conductors which is having a big impact. I think the key in business is to 'stay in your lane' don't panic and keep on doing your 'stuff' well. 

Do you have any money-saving tips or hacks you could share?
We have recently installed a 'Tado' system for our home to control our energy and we have put valves on all of our radiators so that we don't waste heat, we don't have the water to heat too often as even small gains help with such big bills. We will share some of this on our personal YouTube channel here -

Do you have any plans for the Queen’s Jubilee at home, in your community or in your business?
My community are planning a street party which is lovely however I'm not a particular Royalist so we'll be going away for a few days with our dog and our caravan! 

What do you think of our Queen? 
I think she is an amazing woman who has given her life to the service of the UK and has lived a very privileged and in some ways sheltered life. 

However having worked at stately homes when I was working on Flog It! for several years, I don't see that as a blessing particularly. Big homes like that, for me, never feel like home, you are more of a human living in an historic space for a short period. 

I do think the Queen has worked very hard and has been a fantastic ambassador for our country and she's also shown fallibility - she hasn't got everything right. Like the rest of us. 

May is National Walking Month – it’s also one of the most beneficial exercises – do you walk at all?
I walk every single day, it's the one exercise that I love and will do without moaning! 

Where is your favourite place to walk? 
Very close to my home along the Wilts & Berks Canal and up on the railway line between my home and Old Town. It's utterly beautiful, bursting with wildlife and it also gets very busy at weekends. 

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business in May & June?
Believe in yourself and on days when it's hard, get back to basics. Head down, focus on what you are good at and turn off the phone. Give yourself headspace to get a job done. 

Tell us all one which we won’t know about you and you are happy to share (make us laugh!).
On a walk this week a man, who I see regularly on my walks but don't know, said my boy David was lovely. He then asked me if he was 'my son or my grandson'. I was most offended. He is, of course, my son!

Have you got any special offers you’d like to mention? 
If you have not yet embraced video in your business and would like to gain confidence - and get a short message filmed by a camera operator who works in tv (Bargain Hunt, Antiques Roadshow, Gogglebox, Posh Pawn) then invest in my July training day. Details are here -

And finally: 
Wishing you all a lovely, peaceful and happy May! 

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