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Lis McDermott

March Talk with Lis McDermott

It’s March! The first month of Spring, and the month when the clocks go forward. What’s going on in the world of business this month? Today we're talking to author and writing mentor Lis McDermott who lives in Royal Wootton Bassett.

How is March looking for you in your business? 
March is a month when I’m having several meetings and Zoom calls. Making a lot of connections, and also busy working on with my mentees on their manuscripts.

Are you taking part in any wider events or business collaborations this month? 
I’m looking forward to being interviewed for a See No Bounds live about my business. See No Bounds is an online business community.

This month it’s International Women’s Day, Pancake Day, St David’s Day, National No Smoking Day – is there an awareness day or week this month which is important to you or your business? 
I definitely support National No Smoking Day even though it seems to have fallen off the radar in recent years. 

My father died at the age of 56, of a heart attack due to hardened arteries. He walked everywhere, and often walked to work, rather than catch the bus, so in that sense he was fit.  

But Dad smoked, and he smoked far more than my mum realised. I have never smoked, and never wanted to live with anyone who smoked. I was very pleased when smoking was stopped in eating venues and public spaces. 

Is it your birthday this month?
It was my 70th birthday on March 8!  I celebrated with my husband and 30 of our friends by having a renewal of vows, as my birthday is also our anniversary. 

This year we celebrated 20 years of marriage (though together for 29). It was a wonderful way to celebrate with many of our closest friends.

Is it your business’s birthday this month? 
In a sense yes! I changed my business during the first lockdown in 2020, so this March is my second full year working fully as an author and writing mentor. However, next year I will have been running my own businesses for 15 years. 

Did you know that March 18 was Awkward Moments Day? Can you share any awkward moments with us in business or life?
An awkward moment for me was the other year when, sitting in a café waiting for a friend, a lady came and sat opposite me. She said, ‘hello’. I replied the same, but not sure who she was. She said, ‘It’s me, Liz’ to which I answered, ‘Liz who?”

Her reply – ‘The Liz you shared a flat with for three years at college.”

I didn’t recognise her at all, and as we chatted, I knew why I hadn’t kept in touch!  

I found it funny afterwards, though I’m not sure she did.

Would you like to share your thoughts about your mother, a mother figure in your life or your life with a mother or as a mother? 
I’m not a mother, by choice, but many of my friends are wonderful mothers, and I celebrate their choices and the great relationship they have with their children. 

And finally: 
I hope you have a wonderful Easter and get to spend time with your loved ones on Mother’s Day – as I know some people haven’t been able to in the last two years.


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