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Sam and Lorraine from HapiHemp


ENTREPRENEURS and friends Lorraine Clark and Sam Day, of Peterborough, are celebrating the third anniversary of their wellness and health product company Hapihemp.

The pair set up their brand, which specialises in CBD products, after researching the use of CBD and using it individually to help them with their own health issues. 

Life had been challenging for many years for the two mothers who got talking about CBD in the school playground. 

Lorraine had had trouble with hormones from puberty and was eventually diagnosed with PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) which led to her having a hysterectomy in her 40s and Sam was debilitated with fibromyalgia, a little understood condition that causes pain all over the body and extreme tiredness. 

Then Sam was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, had to have a lumpectomy, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Sam said: “I was afraid and wary of CBD because I was uneducated and associated it with illegal Class C drugs. Even when I became educated, I was still too nervous to try it. However when I did, it transformed my life.”

Within three days of taking CBD, Sam was sleeping better and, after one week, her fibromyalgia pain was reduced, and her fatigue and low moods improved. 

Sam said: “I felt like a new woman and just knew that more people needed to know that this natural product might help them too.” 

Lorraine had already been taking CBD to help with her hormone imbalance and general wellbeing and had found that the combination of organic, essential oils and CBD oil significantly helped her get her life back.

“After many conversations, Sam and I decided we wanted to start a business to make more people aware of the benefits of using CBD as part of their own health and wellness routine,” explained Lorraine. 

Today Hapihemp sells directly to consumers online and also wholesale working with suppliers including health food shops, CBD shops, independent health and wellbeing businesses. 

Since starting HapiHemp three years ago, Lorraine says she has learned three things about being in business:

1. Always go with your gut feeling…
I wish I had stuck to this but, in an industry that was new to us, it was so easy to doubt yourself. When I was out of my comfort zone in a totally new area, the self-doubt kicked in and I didn’t follow my gut, which was to our detriment.

2. Consistency and frequency are your friend
I find consistency difficult! It’s something I’ve worked really hard on as I believe it’s critical for the people around you and essential to grow a business. Frequency is also important to me, as I find that if I stick to something, it becomes a habit, and you can’t go wrong with good habits to build your business.

3. Accept failure as part of the journey
The CBD industry is a competitive one with many regulations. It’s the hardest industry I’ve ever worked in. Luckily, Sam and I lift each other up and we work really hard to not ponder on any failures and see them as learning curves.

Sam said she’s learned: 

1. It’s important to remind yourself why you started
You will, at some point want to throw the towel in! When the novelty of founding a business has worn off and times get tough, then become even tougher, for much longer than you ever thought and much more than you had anticipated, reminding yourself of why you started the business will help to keep you motivated and focussed.

2. Expect the unexpected
There are going to be hiccups, hurdles and blockages along the way. Don’t let it fluster you – where there’s a will, there’s a way! Be willing to adjust and keep coming back with a new and fresh way to tackle things.

3. A good business partner is priceless
Like any partnership in life, trust is key! If you’re working with the right person or people, it doesn’t mean it’s always love and laughter. However, if you’re building a business with someone who shares your vision – and even better – who is very different to you, always remember to value each other’s qualities and differences. 


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