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What does excess water in the body mean? You should know

Sometimes we feel very heavy. Women, in particular, can feel that their body is getting bigger than usual. Unfortunately, such symptoms are underestimated. It may be due to water retention in the body. What are the consequences of this, and how can we deal with it?

Excess water in the body - symptoms

When our legs swell up or we feel swollen, there is an excess of water in the body. Symptoms do not appear suddenly. Initially, we feel only heavier and notice that the skin is not so elastic anymore. Then there is swelling of the legs and arms, less urination, increased weight, without eating too much, and water cellulite.

Unfortunately, the symptoms may get worse, and then we also experience headaches, stiffness of joints, and bags under the eyes.

On the basis of these, we can assume that we have too much water in our bodies. Symptoms are sometimes annoying because after some time, the swollen legs start to hurt, and we can't put on our favorite clothes. You may also have a problem with removing the rings, which is very irritating.

With too much water in the body, it is less firm, and we also feel tired, our skin becomes grayer and dry, and our face gets swollen. Although we sleep well, there are bags under our eyes.

Excess water in the body - effects

The result of excess water in the body is increased body weight from 2 to 3 kg, swollen legs, the inability to perform all physical exercises due to stiffness of joints, and problems with walking.

Many women and men, because of an incorrect diet, get into a state where the body has to store fluids. It is in the so-called emergency mode because it does not receive enough fluids. To prevent such situations, we must drink up to at least 2 litres of water a day. Many people forget about it and include it in the number of liquids they drink, e.g., coffee, which has a dehydrating effect. In addition, it washes out micronutrients from our body, which makes us feel much worse.

With excessive amounts of water in the body, there also appears the so-called water cellulite. The skin on the thighs and buttocks becomes less elastic and more wrinkled like an orange peel. It doesn't look aesthetic, and it becomes a big problem for women, especially in the summer when we wear short dresses and shorts.

Exercises that stimulate the blood system, as well as visits to the sauna, swimming pool, regular drinking of mineral water, and lymphatic drainage, which also helps with lymph stagnation, help to get rid of excess water from the body. Of course, all these treatments will be useless if we do not want to drink more water.Your Secret Is supplement store, which offers high-quality dietary supplements for excess water in the body, will help us deal with the problem faster. The flagship product of this store - Water Balance, available at: https://yoursecretis.co.uk/ will help to naturally get rid of both water cellulite and leg swelling. It has natural ingredients, including parsley extract and fig opuntia.

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