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Virtual Learning Anxiety: How Students Can Overcome Their Fears

Being a student is stressful enough, especially in today’s world where fear or anxiety seems to become an integral part of our everyday life. Students struggle with all kinds of expectations and worries about their future which sometimes can take a toll on their physical or mental health. Every failed exam might be an obstacle to the bright future that they previously envisioned, plus life on campus can have a very tight schedule.

Since COVID-19 situation has changed a lot as most students can now enjoy the safety of their homes and control their own schedule. Modern technology brings innovations like online learning for kids or students that bring some extra amount of stress into their lives, not even to mention the coronavirus anxiety most people experienced. There are however things that students can apply in their everyday routine that may help them to better cope with this problem.

Anxiety And Learning

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information and expectations from our parents, teachers, or our peers. There are so many choices that we make every day and although having multiple choices should be a good thing, it just adds more pressure on us.

Being an anxious student is not easy, but studies show that a vast majority of pupils at school or a college suffer from some form of anxiety and stress which is related to learning.

Being interrogated or evaluated is stressful enough even without an element of online learning which somehow reduces student’s privacy even more. Learning more about this issue may help you understand how anxiety can reduce the quality of a student’s life and take control over his actions if not treated properly.

Online class or a lesson has become a standard part of our education process, but some pupils may be more receptive to this form of learning than others. Reading some essays on this matter may be a good idea, like the ones you can find at https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/anxiety/, which is some expert writing on this matter. All students should have mechanisms for coping with stress or anxiety and they should use every resource of good information that helps them with this problem. Most of them are very sensitive about their appearance, their voice, and the way that others perceive them. The question of why is online school so stressful comes down to students being exposed and their privacy being suddenly abolished by new technology.

Coping Mechanisms

Learning how to cope with all this is the key to beat or at least control your anxiety. No education should be so stressful, and each student should enjoy his academic years. Little things like meditation, exercising, reading, or writing should help you reduce the level of anxiety. Spending time with people you love and having a positive attitude on life can also make you more resilient to online learning stress. When taking an online course or assignments make sure that you feel comfortable in your cozy room, and that your camera

or microphone is top quality gear. This way, you will feel much more confident in your skin, and online lessons will be much easier to follow through.

If you want to know how to help kids with anxiety, just be supportive and non-judgemental. Make them know that you understand their struggle and that becoming more confident about yourself is a key to reducing stress in their lives. As they become accustomed to online learning, things will get easier, but every beginning is hard but exposing yourself like that while being evaluated and assessed can be difficult to bear at that age. Teachers should have a saying in this process too by making each student feel very comfortable during online lessons or examinations. It is not only up to pupils to deal with anxiety alone, teachers and parents should express their support in the process too.


Fear of failure is something that we all share in common, and online learning for kids is the biggest manifestation of this fear. We despise being judged, evaluated, or looked down upon. Being a student in these modern times where everything goes viral makes us exposed more than ever. In some way, we need to adapt and make the best of it, but we also need to cope with our anxiety as well. We are in all this together and we should strive to make lives easier for each other by just learning to relax and be supportive sometimes.

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