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Its been shouted about for decades but if your unsure, Indoor Rowing is a great workout. Using over 80% of the muscles in your body and giving you not only a cardio workout but great muscle toning too. It’s gaining huge take up at the moment and with comparisons being made like ‘Rowing for 12 minutes is similar to a 30 minute run’ its great for time focused gym participants.

Here’s three great ways to encourage your members to use the Indoor Rower:

1. Warm ups

Looking for more of a steady warm up for a gym workout? A 1,000m distance will allow all the big muscles to get ready for the work ahead and give you some internal focus on how your body is feeling. This is also a chance to practice your rhythm and technique.

2. World Championships

Focus on 2,000m for time; this is a standard Olympic Regatta distance and is the big focus for the Indoor World Championships. Even Cycling legend Sir Bradley Wiggins is getting into Rowing and came 21st in the recent World Championships with a time of 6:22

3. The big finisher

If you are looking for some classic, hard intervals try a pyramid set starting at 100m with a 10sec rest then increase the distance by 100m amounts and the recovery by 10seconds up to 500m:50sec. Then come back down the pyramid in the same way. This is mental and physical conditioning at its best.

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Matt Gleed Personal Training

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