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EP Services in Swindon. Psychological Research

Educational Psychologists are experts in various areas including child development, special educational needs, the psychology of teaching and learning, and the promotion of good mental health, wellbeing on an emotional basis, and resilience. Swindon has an exceptional EPS or Educational Psychology Service that gathers top experts in the field, all with the goal to assist the young people in the educational system.

What Do Educational Psychologists Do?

Swindon’s psychologists have extensive experience and training in working with young people, children, and their families. These experts have undertaken years of training (minimum of seven years) and have obtained a degree in Psychology, as well as Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the field. During their graduate and post-graduate studies, psychologists have studied various aspects of the mental health and wellbeing, preparing themselves to assist those who need help.

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Who do these people help?

Educational psychologists facilitate change and assist those who feel somehow ‘’stuck’’. They help young people tackle challenges such as: communication difficulties, learning difficulties, mastering of languages, mental and emotional health difficulties, developmental issues, etc. They provide support and assistance to individuals, as well as family on a systemic, educational level.

The psychological researchers based in Swindon frequently offer students the help and support they need. They guide them through the process, allowing them to express their thoughts and share their problems. Based on years of expertise and experience, these experts help students find solution to their problems and the right path in life. They teach them of the importance to take care of themselves and get help when needed. Knowing this, these experts are not the only people to go to when you need assistance. Many students these days also choose to request help from a research paper writing service when their deadlines are too short. They pay Studyclerk to write a research paper to handle their assignments. The experts at the company conduct the research, write the paper, and deliver it before the deadline. Getting research paper writing help gives the students some relief and allows them to focus on other assignments and tasks. Thanks to such services, they can find time for social life, have their much-needed rest, and focus on their education.

The Tasks of the EPS

The Educational Psychology Service applies psychological research and theory to promote the development, learning, and wellbeing of young people, children, and their family. They operate on the territory of the Swindon Borough Council. This service works with groups of people in the educational system, as well as individuals and their parents to support them and assist in resolving any issues. Some of the services EPS provides include:

  • Individual assessment and assistance in the form of advice (in cases such as school refusal, risk of placement breakdown, etc.)
  • Consultations to assist the process of action-planning and problem solving
  • Supervision and coaching for the staff: both in groups and individuals
  • Training to clusters of schools and individual schools on topics such as working memory, attachment, and ELSA (support for social, emotional, and mental health or wellbeing)
  • Strategic supporting work for areas that need improvement in school or schools that are facing challenging circumstances
  • Organizing parenting workshops and groups, as well as focused sessions

Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/mental-health-psychology-psychiatry-2313428/

In addition to these general activities performed by the ESP, there are also certain programs commissioned by the Swindon Borough Council and NHS Swindon CCG that are provided by this organization. These include:

  • Giving psychological advice for health, education, and care needs assessments
  • Working in consultation clinics for early year’s practitioners · Performing or contributing to neurodevelopmental assessments such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Organizing Cygnet, a program that was specially made for carers of children and parents who are caring for people aged 5 to 18 who suffer from Autism.

Scope of Work

Every year, the EPS is evaluated by various Swindon schools and settings to rate its abilities and performance. People employed in this service are all psychology graduates and have obtained a Master’s or work toward obtaining their Doctoral program in Educational Psychology. They are all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

As such, people who work at the EPS have a wide knowledge and wide set of skills that support the development and learning in children. Their work helps improve the outcomes for young people and children, including those with disability and special educational needs.

In addition to aiding young people and students in need of help, EPS works with professionals who provide said education, as well as adults who care for the children and young adults. This systemic assistance allows for quality assessments and thorough evaluation, as well as positive results.

EPS is a widespread service, which means that all educational settings including schools within the Borough Council can request any of the abovementioned services and more. Educational institutions and settings need to purchase their time from the service, preferably ahead, to receive these benefits throughout a given academic year.

Using EPS’ Services

For the educational programs and institutions who are interested in using this service, there are two contact methods available. The first is an email: EPSenquiries@swindon.gov.uk and the second is a phone number: 01793463075.

Author’s Bio

Vendy Adams is a counseling and educational psychologist who’s spent the past decade helping people deal with depression, lack of motivation, and stress. She works in her private office assisting everyone who knocks on her door. In addition to this, Vendy also creates quality guides and tips she posts online.

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