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Commemorating The Centenary in Swindon

To mark the Centenary of the First World War, TGtS has been routing around the archives to give you a snap shot of what life was during Swindon's darkest days.

On August 4th 1914 ten blasts of the hooter signalled to the people of Swindon that the country was officially at war. Over the years that followed life changed immensely for both the men sent away to fight and the women who took on new roles at home. 

Swindon played a key role in Britain's war effort mainly because it was a hub of the railway network. Just three weeks into the war the first two ambulance trains left the Swindon Works.

Records show that 5,383 men from Swindon fought in the war, 920 of whom lost their lives. 

To commemorate The Centenary a whole host of special events and exhibitions are happening in Swindon, use our handy guide to find out more...



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