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How Apprenticeships Can Benefit You

How An Apprenticeship Can Benefit You

So you’ve finished education and don’t know what to do next. Or perhaps you’re fed up working in your current career and want a change. Well, have you ever thought about doing an apprenticeship? Each year thousands of individuals are choosing the option of completing an apprenticeship instead of going to University, but why is this the case? Take a look at our top three reasons as to how an apprenticeship can benefit you.

1. Earn While You Learn

Perhaps the biggest benefit of completing an apprenticeship is that you are able to earn whilst you learn. In contrast to paying to complete your qualification which is the case at University, in an apprenticeship, you are placed into a job role and are taught the skills to succeed whilst also completing your qualification meaning that you take home a monthly salary whilst also getting an accredited qualification.

It’s not often you get paid to learn, so starting an apprenticeship may be the best next move for you and your career! Find out more about Apprenticeship Pay here. 

2. Gain Hands-On Workplace Experience

It’s great having the desired qualifications for your chosen career but if you don’t have any real workplace experience then you might find it harder to secure employment in your desired sector. But by completing an apprenticeship, not only will you get an outstanding qualification, but you will also receive real workplace experience that will make you a whole lot more employable.

Work experience will have given you the practical skills required to make an immediate impact when starting a new role which means you will be more attractive to an employer when compared to someone who only has a qualification. 

Take a look at the apprenticeships available at Green Labyrinth here! 

3. Recognise Your Earning potential

Admittedly the starting salary in an apprenticeship can be low, with the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage set at £3.90ph, however, the earning potential you can eventually reach through completing an apprenticeship is what makes apprenticeships increasingly more popular.

With some apprenticeships going all the way up to Level 7, your earning potential could see you earn over more than £100,000 compared to those who don’t complete an apprenticeship, so it really is a no-brainer.

Recognise your earning potential and find out more about apprenticeships today!

Find out more about Apprenticeships with Green Labyrinth here!

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