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Top Things to Do in Swindon this Autumn

Autumn is a season where nature exhibits its most exceptional array of colour. Warming all with its vivid display of burnt oranges, warm reds and ombre yellows. However, when temperatures drop and dusk falls. You may consider staying put, as opposed to venturing out.

So, here at TGt towers, we have put together a guide of the top things to do in Swindon this Autumn to prove that this season is more about celebration than hibernation. Grab your coat and your walking shoes and let us help you explore the possibilities;


1) Woodland/Welly walk

It has been well documented that nature is a key contributor to well-being. Known for lowering stress levels, blood pressure and strengthening your immune system. Irrespective of age, everyone can benefit from a mood-lifting walk. And, where better to explore than the town’s far-reaching woodland and countryside.

See below, a list of a few of Swindon woodlands;

  • Stanton Park
  • Croft Woods
  • Shaw Forest
  • Moulden Hill
  • For a full guide to Swindon Parks and Open Spaces, click here


2) Foraging

Local hedgerows, trees and bushes are abundant with free fruit over the autumn season. Little equipment is needed to participate in the foraging and harvesting of nature’s spoils. Aside from confirmation that the bushes are not privately owned, or near a busy roadside, you will require a container to store your pickings.

Blackberries, elderberries and sloe berries are the most commonly collected fruits. However, if you choose to explore the nature’s other offerings always check exactly what your picking. As any plants and fruits can resemble those of the edible variety.

For more guidance and advice visit, the Tree Council’s guide to foraging: Hedgerow Harvest


3) Early sunset

The evenings may be closing in, but the sun will always set. Swindon is home to numerous beauty spots, perfect for viewing an early sunset. This Autumn embrace our town’s surrounding rural hills and take a moment to immerse yourself in the spectacle.

TGt recommends the historic Barbury Castle for a late afternoon stroll and early sunset.


4) Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days is a country-wide initiative inviting everyone to visit and experience local historical, architectural and cultural sites for free. Open days are supported by thousands of volunteers, and 2018 sessions will run from

6th - 9th September and 13th -16th September.

Key highlights for Swindon are;

  • Railway Village Museum
  • St Mary’s Church Lydiard Tregoze
  • The Historic England Archive


5) Late brunch in Old Town

The summer is over. If the dark mornings prove to be a challenge, gift yourself a lie in. Take this lesson in self-care and reward yourself with a late brunch in Old Town. Because sleep is good for you and lie-ins more so. Writing for the Sleep Council, Professor Chris Idzikowski, a sleep expert, says: A lie-in balances out sleep debt accumulated during the working week and helps with brain recovery and memory processing. In that extra hour, the implication is that one’s mental apparatus (the brain) continues to work at repairing itself.

Embrace the seasonal change, shake off any shackles of guilt or FOMO and turn off that alarm clock. And follow it with a well-earned brunch at your favourite food spot because after all that rest, you deserve a treat. Check out our full Old Town guide here.


6) Scarecrow trails

Scarecrow maker or trail walker, a local scarecrow trail never disappoints. With an annual changing theme and enthusiastic crew of participants, scarecrow trails are a key feature throughout the year with most raising vital funds for charities. Here is a list of a few that will be displaying over the Autumn season;

  • Heddington Scarecrow Trail: 16th September
  • DAPS Scarecrow Trail: 22nd September


7) Autumn Fayres

Fayres are at the centre of Swindon’s community providing entertainment for all generations. Many Autumn fayres offer the opportunity to take part in local group activities, learn a new craft or enjoy pocket money priced games. All this can be washed down with a cup of tea and a home baked slice of cake.

Upcoming Autumn Fayres in Swindon are;


8) Conkering

Autumn is the season of the conkers. Where both adults and children delight in the joy of stamping on the prickly green cased fruit of horse chestnut trees to release the shiny jewel inside. Whether you choose to collect conkers for official competitions or at home games, Conkering is a tremendous free outdoor activity to fill an autumn day. Collect, select, drill and thread a lace or durable string through your conker to compete in Conkering competitions.

Definition of conkers - A game where two conker players take turns to hit the other conker with their own. With the winner being the one who’s conker doesn’t break.


9) Halloween

The Halloween we knew in the early noughties is far from that of which we see today. The degree to which we celebrated the occasion decades past was somewhat subdued in comparison to our neighbours across the pond in the US.

However, Halloween has now indeed carved its place in the seasonal calendar with predictions of its growth being on par with Christmas. Venues and farms have embraced the phenomenon offering pick your own pumpkins, parties and Halloween fun.

If you are looking for some spooky entertainment this season, here are a few options; 


10) Visit a gallery or museum

As a town, Swindon is fortunate to be host to many galleries and museums. Many of which are free admission. If the weather takes a likely cold or wet turn, why not ditch the umbrella and embrace the opportunity to shelter in one of Swindon’s many visually and informative venues.


11) Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November... wrap up warm, grab a hot chocolate and head to one of Swindon's spectacular firework displays this Autumn. You can look forward to plenty of Bonfire Night festivities across the town in the build up to Guy Fawkes' Night.


We hope that we have inspired you with our list. Remember, this is not comprehensive, and we welcome your suggestions of top things to do this Autumn.

So, be it a forage in a hedgerow, a walk in the woodlands or a brunch after rising from late your slumber we wish you a warm Autumn, full of fun and frolics. Until, next time…

By Emma Smith

For more things to do in Swindon, check out our full guide here or browse our events calendar!

If you enjoyed Emma's article, you can read more on her blog here!

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