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The New, Innovative Technologies Found in Gameplay

Virtual reality (VR) is the hot topic of conversation amongst gamers, and it could change the future of gaming, as well as other industries such as healthcare and education.

VR is being used to scare gamers by creating an immersive and terrifying environment (check out Resident Evil VII); medical students are also wearing the VR headsets so they can experience performing surgery, making a diagnosis, without the worry of making a mistake.

There are, however, many other innovative technologies changing the face of the gaming industry. Although traditional gameplay through PCs and consoles will surely fare well, these new technological advancements will offer a new lease on life for gamers excited about the prospects of an additional gaming phenomenon. Here are the latest gaming trends.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality may seem technical, but, AR is quite simply a live direct (or indirect) view of a real-world environment, where the elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory; therefore, providing a merged view of the physical world. Most notably, you will have a character on an electronic device, who moves around your environmental settings, while adding additional, computer-generated subject matter.

Pokémon Go is a prime example of AR, and the mobile game has taken the world by storm. You create your own Pokémon Trainer; personalising your character through outfits and hair colour. Then, you find yourself integrated into a map-like environment, which is identical to your current location. When you walk, your character will move, too. Once a Pokémon is nearby, it will appear on your screen and you can catch it.

This immersive gameplay is not only limited to your mobile device, or through the means of games such as Pokémon Go and Ingress. Other industries such as real estate and gambling are ensuring their customers can experience other worlds, while in their own. Matterport’s camera stitches video together, so online casino agents like MrSmith Casino can show homes in 3D and offer immersive roulette experience online  to players.

Facial and Voice Recognition

We want to be a part of our game; fully integrating ourselves into the storyline. However, most of the time, we have to play as characters whose appearance and mannerisms we cannot change. Facial recognition allows you to create an avatar that looks exactly like you, meaning we can finally imagine what it is like to skulk around decrepit houses and ironically live in futuristic regions overpowered by robotics.

Voice recognition is slightly different. You won’t be changing your character’s dialogue or hearing your own words be repeated back to you; instead, you will be able to control your console through your own words. If you’re feeling too lazy to pick up your controller, your console will switch on from the sound of your voice.

High-Def Displays

We’ve evolved from the 8-bit graphics. Now, we’re enjoying the high-def, 4K; ultra-realistic graphics our laptops and TVs can offer us, with unbeatable and crisp colours and structure. We used to think 1080p was the best we’d ever get, but 4K blurs the line between virtual gameplay and reality captured through the lens of a camera. It’s difficult to tell the difference.

Our world is adapting to the technological developments which are forever bettering year after year. Games are becoming more immersive and innovative; soon, the way we play will alter indefinitely.

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