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TGtS Meets...Princeton

Princeton chatted to us about Avenue Q, Kate Monster and...Gary Coleman.

What did you study at uni?

I studied English at college, and graduated just last year! Now I’m trying to work out what you do with a BA in English… if any of your readers have a clue, let me know!

What's the craziest story you have from uni?

I don’t think you could print the craziest story! Let’s just say that it involved one of my friend’s arms falling off. Don’t worry, they sowed it back on in the ambulance! Although he did lose some stuffing.

What was it like moving to New York?

I always wanted to move to New York! I started off looking at apartments right in the middle of Manhattan, but with my budget I soon ended up way out on Avenue Q. It’s not exactly the smartest neighbourhood, but everyone is super friendly!

What's your favourite thing about New York?

My favourite thing that I’ve discovered so far is that Gary Coleman is the superintendent on Avenue Q! From child star to janitor, who knew! He says that he’s there to make everyone else feel better about their lives. It’s called Schadenfreude apparently. We sing a song about it.

Who's hotter, Lucy or Kate?

Oh, there’s no contest! Kate is smart, sweet, kind and funny. Lucy is… terrifying.

Can you tell us your true purpose in life, or do we have wait to see the show?

The show is all about me graduating from college, finding my way in the real world and trying to work out what my true purpose in life is. You’ll have to come and find out whether I discover my purpose!

What's the best thing about Avenue Q?

Avenue Q is hilarious, naughty, high energy, warm-hearted and completely unique. It’s a brilliant story about growing up, dreaming big, and finding your purpose in life. It’s full of brilliant characters, puppet and human, and we guarantee you will leave the theatre with a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

Tickets are available from the Swindon Theatres Box Office on 01793 524481, alternatively click here to book online.

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