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TGt Meets... Doctor and the Medics

Ahead of their performance at Lechlade Music Festival on Saturday 26th May, we spoke to 'The Doctor' from rock band Doctor and the Medics about their music and what you can expect from them at the festival...

How would you describe your music?

I try not to. We always approach a new song/cover with an open mind. There is a definitely a “Medics” sound, bits of Glam – 80’s – Psychedelia – Punk – Rock – Pop all in one big melting pot and what comes out is “Medics!”

What can festival-goers expect from your live show?

A whole bunch of songs they know, great covers all ”Medic’d” up, plus a fair selection of our original material. We have only ever played one original at Lechlade so hopefully they will like what they hear! We are also going to be playing a track off our new album which we are working on, our first for 22 years!!

What are the main differences between playing festivals and regular gigs?

There is something special about festivals, a true magic, and that can only come from one thing… People! The most important being the festival goers. Come rain or shine they are a special bunch!

At a regular gig people go to see one or two bands they know but at a festival we are all thrown together in a great big field, surrounded by diversity, creativity and beautiful people. Barriers are broken down, we all get to experience something special, something different. Meet new people and come away feeling enriched. That is such an important thing in this day and age!

What have been your fondest memories from one of your shows?

As you can imagine over 36 years there have been many... Playing onstage with Lemmy, The Damned, The Blockheads (not all at the same time!). Playing as the sun rose on Midsummer at Stonehenge, performing Live to 80,000, performing live to 6 people! (A truly marvelous night and I still bump into some of them now!). Performing in St Mark’s Square in Venice as the sun set. So many but nothing can compare with the icing on the cake... Singing “Spirit In The Sky” live on stage with Anita Harris! A true English Rose, beautiful person and wonderful talent!

Are you going to be exploring much of the local area when you’re in Lechlade for the festival?

This is the 4th time we have played at Lechlade so I’m not sure that there is much more we can explore?

But that’s good because it feels like home to us, we are amongst friends at Lechlade.

To survive a music festival, what are your three essentials you need in your luggage?

Waterproof, wellies and for heavens sake keep hold of your car keys!!

What’s next for the band?

We have a hectic Summer schedule plus hopefully finishing the album! Watch this space!!

If you could pick one highlight from your career so far, what would it be?

Ask Anita Harris!!

Love peace and bananas,

Doc x

Keep up to date with Doctor and the Medics on their Facebook page here!

Lechlade Music Festival is taking place from the 25th-27th May, for further information or to get your tickets click here!

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