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REVIEW: Team Total take on Incarcerated Live Escape Rooms

On Tuesday 18th September, Team Total took on Incarcerated for Round 2 in ‘Cops and Robbers’. Having already completed Agenda 21 last year (and SUCCEEDED!), we were so excited to take on another one of Incarcerated’s exhilarating escape rooms and rise to the challenge once again.

On arrival at Incarcerated, Simon welcomed us in and took us up to the top floor where the Cops and Robbers room was situated. As there are six of us at Team Total, we split ourselves into two groups of three. The robbers were Katie, Rachael and Bethany, and the cops were Liz, Matt and Toby. Simon clearly told us the storyline which had us all on edge, ready and raring to go. 

He took the cops and robbers aside in turn to explain what each side's aim was, and then we were lead to the mysterious destinations which we'd remain in until we escaped! 

The 60 minutes spent in the room were the most exhilirating and baffling 60 minutes of our lives. From start to finish, our brains went into overdrive with just one thought on our minds - we need to get out! The puzzles Incarcerated laid out for us were mindboggling but incredibly clever. Each puzzle led to another and we were consumed by the excitement, the time went by so quickly! 

Unfortunately for the robbers, the cops succeeded and caught them in the act! But it was tight, which made it all the more exciting. In comparison to our last escape room experience at Incarcerated, Cops and Robbers was a completely different take on an escape room, but with just as much excitement and thrill. We can't recommend Incarcerated enough, and we can't wait to try out a third escape room - let's see if we can escape that one too!

Incarcerated Live Escape Rooms Swindon

Incarcerated Live Escape Rooms

Incarcerated is Swindon's Largest and most exciting Live Escape Room experience.

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