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Swindon, Wiltshire, December 2018. As the popularity and number of Escape Rooms is growing (in August 2018 they totalled 1139 in the UK!), industry experts have introduced the first international awards (Top escape Rooms project Enthusiasts' Choice Award, TERPECA).

Co-Decode Live Escape Games, a family-run, local start-up based in BSS House, has placed 61st in the final rating. Their game 'Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette' is among only 13 games in the UK that made it into the top 102. The results are based on a survey in which a large group of international enthusiasts- who have played 21,738 rooms between them- nominated and ranked the rooms they consider as the best in the world.

The full results of the Top Escape Rooms Project are published at ; the top 102 games can be found under 'Phase 2 Room results'.

'Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette' has been featured in several UK-wide blogger rankings, but appearing on the TERPECA list was a big suprise for the owner, Swindon-born Alex Mulhall. "At first I couldn't believe it- I immediately went online to check. We do our best to make our games special, but being acknowledged on an international level and among real industry giants is absolutely amazing".

Co-Decode is a small, independent Escape Room in Cheney Manor. 'Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette' takes you on an archaeology- themed puzzzle quest in an early 1900s parallel world. Their second room, 'Sub-Terra', a science-themed game set in an abandoned mine, will be opening soon. Co-Decode is known in the industry for its unique and creative puzzles, which are designed and produced by Alex Mullhall himself. Further details can be found at

Co-decode Live Escape Room Swindon

Co-Decode Live Escape Games

Co-Decode Swindon offer award-winning escape rooms and puzzle games.

Unit 35C, BSS House, Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, Swindon, SN2 2PJ

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