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Escape Room Review: Subterra at Co-Decode Swindon

Trapped in a room? The clocks ticking and you must complete your mission before time runs out! This is the challenge that faced team Total Swindon as they attempted to crack the case inside Co-Decode Swindon’s interactive escape room, Subterra.

Upon arriving at Co-Decode, the Total Swindon team knew that the high-tech escape room would test their wit, teamwork, and intellect as they attempted to solve the case of the Cheney Manor potash mine. But nothing could prepare them for the fun-filled complexity that would encompass the challenges of the adventurous escape room. 

Escape rooms are made to be testing, but there is sometimes a theme of repetitiveness that can creep into games as teams attempt to free themselves. However, this most certainly wasn’t the case as the four-person team were met with a whole host of intellect-testing challenges that keep the game fun, exciting, and full of suspense. 

Tasked with solving the mystery behind the Cheney Manor potash mine shut down, the team of investigative journalists had to work together attempting to recover clues that would eventually expose the hidden truth behind the shutdown of the mine. 

Having been given one hour to solve the case, team Total Swindon got off to a slow start as they attempted to get out of the first room but before long they were well on their way to unlocking the secrets of the potash mine. 

With no two tasks the same, each challenge met was new and required the team to call on a different set of skills as they worked together to progress through the escape room. 

When trapped inside an escape room or stuck on a certain part of the task it can be easy to forget about your allotted time, however when things got too tough or too much time was being spent on a certain area, Co-Decode founder Alex would be on hand to input clues onto the screen inside the room to ensure the Total Swindon team were able to experience as much of the escape room as possible. 

As the clock ticked down towards its final minutes, the Total Swindon team found themselves frantically trying to solve the remaining remnants of tasks as they rushed to solve at least one challenge, but alas the escape room beat them and the case of the Cheney Manor mine remained unsolved. 

Having seen how desperate they were to solve the secrets of Subterra, Alex was kind enough to spend time demonstrating how each of the various technology-driven contraptions worked as he revealed how each task should’ve been solved. 

Co-Decode’s escape room Subterra is an escape room like no other. Its incorporation of modern technology combined with the interesting plot behind the task adds a new aspect to the escape room as teams call on their calmness and intellect to solve the case. Team Total Swindon were unable to solve the mystery of the Cheney Manor mine but maybe you and your team can. 

You can find out more and book your co-decode escape room experience here. 

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