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GAME REVIEW: Co-Decode Swindon's New Space Age Adventure

A trip to Swindon's Co-Decode Live Escape Games is always an adventure that combines cunning intellect with mesmerising creations as you immerse yourself in an alternate reality that offers you a chance of escapism from the real world. Their new CREW space-age game once again lives up to those lofty expectations.

Total Swindon has been long-term admirers and engagers of what we think is Wiltshire's best escape room set-up, so when we were invited down to try out their futuristic space-age game we jumped at the chance.

Their new game 'CREW – A Spaceship Bridge Simulator' is something that has never been tried by the brilliant team at the Cheney Manor venue, but we can tell you it is definitely a success.

Our team of four reported for duty as we stepped into a scene out of Star Trek and headed for our operational stations that had been pre-chosen before we headed on-board our space craft.

If you're looking for a traditional escape room then you may be better suited to Co-Decode's other rooms because while 'CREW' incorporates all the strategies you would typically use in an escape room, it is more of a strategy based game.

This space-hopping venture sees you work your way through a series of individual and team challenges as you try to score as many points as possible and prove yourself to mission control.

We were left in awe at the attention to detail that Alex and his team at Co-Decode had put into their latest game with not one detail being spared as computers, robots, and futuristic technology all combining to provide an unrivalled adventure around space.

The series of challenges you face vary in difficulty with some requiring speed and sharpness while others test your problem-solving and analytical thinking. But one thing above all that is crucial to success is teamwork and communication. Every station has its role to play and without clear communication then you stand no chance of success - as we found out!

CREW is a great day out for adult families (18+), groups of friends, and also businesses looking to build relationships with a team-building experience with our game bringing us closer and highlighting the importance of communication and patience with one another.

We won't tell you everything that went on inside the four walls of our spaceship, but you can prepare for your own rocket launch and find out for yourself why Co-Decode's CREW experience is the perfect adventure day out in Swindon by booking your game at

Co-decode Live Escape Room Swindon

Co-Decode Live Escape Games

Co-Decode Swindon offer award-winning escape rooms and puzzle games.

Unit 35C, BSS House, Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, Swindon, SN2 2PJ

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