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Time Saving Hacks for Busy Parents

If you’re a busy parent, it can be easy to forget what having spare time actually feels like. With only 24 hours in a day, sometimes the only "me time" you get is when you’re sitting on the toilet.

If this all sounds too familiar, then read these top ten tips for some ways to steal back time:

  1. Lay out everyone’s clothes the night before. Or if you’re feeling extra organised, plan your whole week’s wardrobe on Sunday night.
  2. Same for any bags that you are taking out with you. Have it all ready to go the night before and waiting at the door. Make sure pack lunches are ready and in the fridge.
  3. Plan dinners for the whole week ahead, it means no pondering what to cook for dinner and no time wasting, last-minute journeys to the shops.
  4. Use to-do lists, it means you don’t have to try and remember everything all at once. Take it a step further by writing out a list of your to do’s that need doing in a month. Once you have your list, get your calendar and schedule in each task in priority order.
  5. Get up about half an hour before the rest of the family to get yourself ready, it also gives you a bit of time to yourself.
  6. Get the breakfast table set up before you go to bed. You could lay the table, get bread out of the freezer, put water in the kettle and anything else that could save you some precious time in the morning.
  7. Speaking of breakfast, give your little ones their breakfast before getting them dressed. This saves you cleaning any mess they may get on their clothes.
  8. Online food shopping is the best way for time-poor parents. Many of the big supermarkets have allow you to create lists of your favourite and recurring items in your shopping account. Then you can make a list with the extra’s or one-off’s. Book your delivery slots online and all you need to do is add your lists to your trolley and check out each week.
  9. Make a list of birthdays for the whole year and then buy all of the cards in January. Although it seems extreme it will mean you won’t have to think about it again that year! If you’re organised enough, you can take advantage of the January sales by buying their presents too.
  10. Keep the car stocked with a few essential items - snacks, water, plastic bags, a towel, wet wipes, sun cream in summer and hats and gloves in winter. This way you never have to worry about backtracking or making unnecessary stops when you’re out and about.

We hope these tips help, but remember sometimes you’re allowed to cut corners; if you’re too tired to cook one night, order a takeaway. Don't feel guilty. Every so often it just has to be done to give yourself a break!

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