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Total Guide to Children's Parties

From Cake to Cost we give you the lowdown on making your little one’s birthday special.

All parents want their tot’s birthday party to be one to remember, but try not to stress out too much - especially when they will be oblivious to your efforts and content getting cake all round their chops!

The key is to get it right with minimal fuss. Easier said than done? Fret not, we have some top tips to make things more simple for you.




If in doubt, especially in the very early years, you can’t go wrong with family only. That way everyone’s happy, costs are kept to a minimum and you don’t risk insulting friends and parents you’ve met at antenatal classes! 


You also don’t want a room full of young babies and lots of adults as they are likely to get overwhelmed.


Clare Milton advises ‘It’s best to keep things with close family until the child reaches about four when you can involve them; they will then have a set of friends and a firm idea of who they want to invite”.




You don’t have to have the added expense of hiring a venue - keep costs down by having the party at home or in a park (although this can be tricky with the good old British weather!).


Get older children involved in making food, decorations and games which they will find great fun rather than a chore!


Recycle! Always get decorations that you can keep and use year after year and nip to your local charity shop for old games.


Party Bags


The contents don’t have to be expensive; pencils, rubbers, crayons, stickers and sweets are all popular and low-cost. Just remember that it needs to be appopriate for age and sex of the children and need to be safe (no small, chokeable items for babies.

  • Use fabric bags instead of plastic so they can be re-used by the children.
  • Involve your children by getting them to decorate the bags with stickers.
  • Include things they have made at the party (cakes, drawings etc)
  • If your budget will stretch there are many local companies that supply bags and their contents

Themed Ideas


1-2 years


Traditional book favourites such as Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear.  Teddy Bear parties are very popular and are ideal in the summer months for park parties.




These reflect the most popular TV programmes - Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine etc.




For the early years, entertainment will revolve around musical toys and nursery rhymes. From three onwards, music and dancing will play a big part - keep it lively. Musical statues and chairs never fail!


Party games can be brought in from about 4 onwards with classics like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pass the Parcel and Simon Says. It’s always a good idea to have a quiet area for colouring if the children get tired or if it becomes too rowdy.


For our list of local children's party services from venues to entertainers click here.


Finally, relax, enjoy and cherish these times. They grow up too quickly and you’ll be wishing for an invite to their 18th before you know it!



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