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Why Should You Listen to Us About Digital and Social Media Marketing?

Here at Total Swindon, we’re in the business of making sure all our clients see the maximum return when advertising with us. That’s why we stay on top of all the latest digital marketing trends and are constantly adjusting our strategy.

Let’s get something straight; we are not an advertising agency. We believe that there are certain aspects of digital marketing that should be kept in-house at all costs. Sure, you can outsource your design work and get another company on to look after your techy website needs, but putting across your brand’s message and personality day-to-day is something that we absolutely believe is better coming from the horse’s mouth.

We specialise in putting the power in YOUR hands, with just a little guidance from us.

Social Media Marketing

We spend a lot of our time on social media. Like, A LOT. We’re always trying to come up with clever ways to make our content more engaging, reach more and more people, and use social media as a tool to drive people to our clients' content. We think we’re pretty good at it. Well, we know we are; the proof is in the figures.


social media marketing

Email Marketing

We’ve got a vast and carefully curated mailing list full of local people that have signed up to see what we have going on. We run multiple email campaigns that serve different purposes; from our monthly business newsletter to a dedicated sports newsletter, as well as dedicated client email campaigns. This way our clients can make the most of our contacts and have access to industry-leading software to ensure their content is fully optimised to deliver a great result.

Digital Advertising

For many businesses, the web is the new shopfront. With a over one hundred BILLION (with a ‘b’) Google searches performed every month, it’s crucial to keep your online content fully Search Engine Optimised. We ensure our content team are always working to make sure all our client’s content is ranking well on search engines, to put their content in front of their intended audience.

So that’s why we like to think we’re a pretty trustworthy place to get this information from. We’ll be adding to these Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing pages regularly with up-to-the-minute content outlining all the latest market trends.

However, if you’d like to talk to us about advertisingemail campaigns, or social media training, just click the links or email us here.

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