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Why should I use an LLP#AskAMS

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is safer than a typical Partnership, just as a Limited Company is safer than a Sole Trader business.

Safer because: The advantage an LLP has over a Partnership is that partners in LLPs are not personally responsible for the LLP’s debts. The business debts of the individual are ‘limited’ and their personal assets are safeguarded just as in a Limited Company.

Tax savings: Since December 2013 and the Mixed Partnership Rules, neither normal partnerships nor LLP’s are generally as tax efficient as Limited Companies. However, there is usually more flexibility in how you pay individual partners through either a partnership, or LLP, compared to a Limited Company.

AMS Accountancy Swindon and Wiltshire

AMS Accountancy Ltd

AMS Accountants in Swindon provide a complete accountancy service for small businesses in Wiltshire and a monthly accountancy service for contractors throughout the UK.

Delta 606, Welton Road, Swindon, SN5 7XF

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