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10 Years of Twitter

10 years old and into double digits, Twitter isn’t so young anymore. With continuous changes and updates, we’ve rounded up our top ten benefits of using the much loved social platform.

The Best Things in Life are Free
Let’s cut to the chase, every business appreciates tools that don’t break the bank. Well, Twitter doesn’t even dent it. The social platform is free to use and one of the most recognised in the social game. It’d be almost rude not to utilise this gift.

Cosy Up With Your Clients
Clients may not always be right, but they are always important. Keeping up with and sharing your client’s updates with some social love is a sure way to keep them happy. After all, we all like a little TLC from time to time.

Get to Know Your Audience
Your audience are your 4litres of water and five-a-day fruit and veg. They’re what keeps your business/brand going. Getting to know what they need is key to keeping them engaged and interactive. Whether it’s asking them questions, or monitoring what they like – it’s essential to know who your audience are, and what they want from you.

Customer Service is Key
Is anything not instant these days? We’re in the era of the impatient. Having become accustomed to everything being at our fingertips, people want instant replies, and instant solutions. Utilising Twitter as a customer service tool is a time saving way of solving problems at the speed it takes you to type 140 characters.

Industry Insights
Before Twitter the word “trending” was pretty insignificant. Now it’s universally understood. The constant stream of news, and industry specific updates is endless, and you can’t afford to not be in the know. Stay on top of latest developments, social and cultural announcements – dare to even add your own comments to it all.

Sales Savvy
Social Media is a much loved sales tool amongst all else. The direct contact between brands and businesses has become many people’s chosen method of communication. However many points of contact it takes to achieve a sale, you can bet that Twitter will be one of the most effective.

Search Engines Like It
If you’re not familiar with SEO, or rather you prefer to let someone else climb that mountain for you, just know this: Social Media boosts site traffic. Google, the all-seeing, all knowing genius, does in fact recognise social media platforms when scouring the big wide web.

Content is King
Somewhere in a dark corner of your office, someone has their head in a laptop, typing at the speed of light churning out insightful and useful content. Which is fantastic … if people are reading it. Twitter is an extremely effective way to get maximum exposure for your web content.

Brand Awareness
We may have left college years ago, so many so we don’t care to admit, but the world is still a bit of a popularity contest. A strong brand presence is necessary to building your business. You don’t need to have 10,000 employees or a branded private jet to make yourselves known, but you do need to be in the game to win it.

Real ‘Time’ Talk
We briefly touched on the world of impatient people earlier, and it’s that same trait that makes the Twitter-sphere interesting. Each day there are new discussions, topics and conversations flooding in by the second – all you need to do is get involved. Jump on the bandwagon where necessary, do the one thing Social Media was made for … being social. 

If you need help with your Social Media strategy, and are interested in advancing your knowledge - take a look at our Social Media packages here. 

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