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Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is dead, right? Wrong! Email marketing is arguably the most profitable means of communicating and building relationships with customers, and generating leads, whilst also driving sales; and here’s why...

Cost Effective

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective channels of marketing. It’s used by many because of the fantastic Return on Investment (ROI), in fact according to Direct Marketing Association, ROI is £38 for every £1 spent.

Increases Brand Awareness

Each email sent to consumers assists in increasing brand and company exposure, which in the long term will build value for your business. Being consistent, as well as sending targeted content is key to being top of your consumer’s minds. In doing so, consumers will more than likely come to you when they are in need of your products or services, rather than going to your competitors.

Targets Consumers

To be able to send email campaigns out, we must first ask for permission, therefore making it easy to subscribe for your consumers is vital to building your email data. So, you already know the consumer’s interest in your products and/or services, which means a much higher conversion rate.

Need to get your message out to a local audience? Here’s your solution. Just email [email protected] or call 01793 82300 to find out ways your business can benefit from our data and email marketing.


Email marketing lets you push through communications to a consumer, compared to a website which waits for the consumers to come in. To drive engagement you must first gain the interest of your consumers. You can achieve this by putting targeted, interesting content into your email campaigns. From videos to graphics, or just plain simple text, whichever works for you.


We can now go one step closer in targeting our email lists by breaking the subscribing list down into certain criteria. By segmenting the lists you’ll be able to send out more personal email campaigns which the recipients actually want to read about, this will allow you to boost engagement.

Easy to Create

Email campaigns are now easier to create, with companies such as Dotmailer providing you with readymade templates, all you need to do is drag and drop your information to where you want it, and select the relevant audience. With Dotmailer you’re able to jazz it up with fancy graphics or keep it simple with plain text.

Easy to Track

Most email marketing software will allow you track open, click-through and conversion rates, making it easy for you to see the numbers behind the scenes. This is useful for monitoring every element of an email marketing campaign.  

Global Reach

There are no boundaries with email marketing. It’s easy to get your message across to users all over the world, whilst being able to track it. Not only that, but email marketing is immediate, as long as your consumer is online and checking their emails, they’re going to see it in their inbox.

Share With Others

When your subscribers love your content they can forward it on to friends or clients, and if you allow them to, they’ll also be able to share it on their social media platforms. These consumers will ultimately be working as a brand advocate for your company, giving your company more coverage.


Tempting Call-to-Actions (CTAs) allow you to take full advantage of impulse buyers. Very few marketing channels allow a consumer to see an offer and then purchase that offer within two clicks. If email marketing is done correctly, with the right CTAs, it can help to drive sales.

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