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Tired of office printer problems? Meet the solution

Losing Time, money (and your sanity) on your office printer? You're not alone but there is an awesome solution out there...

Now we all know how crucial the office printer is to the success of your business. But with so many problems often going wrong with your printer, we decided to give you an insight into the perfect solution courtesy of Inception.

Technology has certainly come on leaps and bounds over the past decade but no matter how advanced technology is, digital printers just can't seem to keep up, and no matter how much you spend there are always faults. 

Without exaggerating, every time we tried to print using our old printer there was an issue - either the team couldn't connect through WI-FI, things just wouldn't print, or there would be the occasion when we put the printer on and it would print 50 random pages.

But thankfully we found the perfect solution to stop you having those hair-pulling moments when the office printer just won’t work. 

Inception are a Swindon-based company specialising in printing, scanning, and much much more. Providing services for big and small businesses across the UK, Inception care for all of their clients no matter the size. 

Whether you're tired of your printer breaking down, or frustrated at having to constantly replace the ink in your device, Inception has the perfect solution to your office needs. 

Differing from other office supply companies, Inception will lend you one of their printers, deliver it to your office and set it all up for you, therefore taking away any stress that you would usually encounter with installing your new bit of office kit. 

All of Inception’s printers are also digital so you no longer have to worry about buying new ink as Inception will be notified when you’re running low and deliver new ink to your office before you even know you needed a replacement. 

Inception also offers a 90-day rolling rental offer. So if you’re sick of committing your future to a company with a three or five-year rental deal, then Inception can help put you at ease with this short-term deal allowing you to reap the benefits of Inception’s services without the worry of signing a long-term contract.

We have saved ourselves over £1000 in just one year of using Inception for our print solutions, so isn’t it about time your business does the same?

Find out more about Inception and their amazing products and services here. 

Inception Swindon


Based in Swindon, Inception specialises in the supply and maintenance of print and copy equipment.

10 Oak Tree, Spitfire Way, Swindon, SN3 4TX

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