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By Barrie Smale who is a director of Inspired2learn which offers training & development, specialising in ILM coaching & mentoring qualifications and CMI management & leadership qualifications. Based in Wiltshire and has a pedigree going back more than 25 years.

What are your top marketing or PR tips for 2021?

1. Get experts to help you

2. Remind yourself you need experts to help you

3. Remember both of the above!

What are your top  financial tips for 2021? 

1. Stay on top of cash flow

2. Build a cash reserve

3. If you don’t already do so, utilise a package such as Xero to ensure you have instant information of financial performance

Who are your top business buddies in your corner for 2021?

1. Sarah Caulfield-Ware of CW Consulting in Devizes

2. Smarter Media of Swindon for digital marketing.

3. Our Associate Team – we can’t do much without them!

What are your ethics for 2021? 

1. Continue with the simple transparency of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) in our brand promotion

2. Only operate in areas where we have the expertise, credibility and resources to deliver

3. To be kind

What are the attributes you are looking for in staff/suppliers in 2021? 

1. A partnership mindset

2. Expertise

3. Reliability

What is your take on the word ‘free’ in business? 

1. There is a place for it, but offer free services very sparingly – it can devalue your brand

2. If someone is going to get something ‘free’ from you, they should not be surprised that some reciprocity may be required.

3. Once you have given something for free, it can be hard to start charging. 

What will you be investing in this year? 

1. A fresh search engine optimisation campaign

2. Succession planning

3. Learning resources for our clients

What are you doing for charity or community this year? 

1. NHS free coaching through Covid scheme

2. Ongoing support of Julia’s House in Devizes

3. Regular donations to Devizes food bank

Your top two ‘absolute no-nos’ for 2021 in business? 

Supplier – if they take their eye off the ball and lose focus on how they can help us.

Client – if they try to screw us into the ground on price in a way that does not respect our expertise, and then insist on 60+ days payment terms 

Any special offers for January or February 2021 you’d like to mention? 

We're offering 'Coaching Skills – Recorded Webinars' bundle deals – see or contact  

And finally:

Let’s all push through Brexit and Covid challenges in 2021 with a clear focus on what we can do, rather than dwelling on what we can’t do. This will not always be easy so let’s look to help others where we can. Good luck everyone!

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