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The Master Fixer, Linda Davies Carr's Apprentice Ep. 5 Review

This weeks task was a tow curling, squirm in your seat, shout at the TV scavenger hunt in Oxford and Cambridge. A list of interesting, obscure items and limited budget left the teams bartering, negotiating (badly) and flirting to secure their list of items.

Team Unison led by Marianne won the task and rightly so. There was a plan, effective communication, teamwork and they had some fun. Sub team leader Lottie stepped up and did well, albeit a little controlling. Scarlett showed great leader capability and held her nerve when she recognised their error and showed true leadership by taking action to correct their error and they secured the book - which I believe won them the task!

Empower’s Project Manager Jemelin gets points for putting herself forward, however her total lack of leadership skills, no evidence of strategy or decisiveness in this particular tasks leaves you thinking how she can possibly redeem herself in the coming weeks.

Out of the three left in the boardroom I can understand why Riyonn was fired leaving us with Ryan-Mark who will irritate us for weeks to come. He is “slippery” as Lord Sugar commented, and not to be trusted, but it makes  great and compelling TV. 

What always amazes me is the drama and fighting for survival behaviour in the boardroom. The total lack of respect, the speaking and shouting over others, the outright lying, and the drama that ensues. Whilst I appreciate it makes great TV and we love to criticise it I am sure for many it’s their Wednesday night guilty pleasure!

I know there are many business takeaways from episode 5 for every entrepreneur and small business owners of how not to behave, however the positive insights and takeaways from this week are clear:

  • Have a plan - every minute taken in planning saves 10 minutes in execution. 
  • Recognise when you have made an error and have the courage to acknowledge and recognise it and conviction to rectify the error and take the learning.
  • Make sure everyone in the team contributes and communicates.
  • Take measured business risks and have some fun!

Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next week!

Linda Davies Carr

Business Turnaround Coach

Fiona Scott Media Consultancy Swindon

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