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TGt Meets...Sophie Mitchell, Recruitment Consultant at Responsive Personnel

Meet our latest TGt meets, Sophie Mitchell, Recruitment Consultant at Responsive Personnel.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Always a tough one to start with but I would describe myself as a family orientated individual with a bit of a wild side. My personality shines at work when I have to wear so many different hats in our every changing sector.

What is your role at Responsive Personnel?

As a recruitment consultant, my role is to support our existing clients and candidates, find suitable roles for newly recruited or available staff and to secure new roles and expand the business. 

What inspired you to fulfil a career in the recruitment industry? What made you decide to work for Responsive Personnel?

I stumbled into recruitment when I left University as I decided not to go in the direction of my studies. I instantly loved the fast-paced environment and the feeling you get when you find a candidate the perfect role for them or placing a quality candidate into a client that have been looking for the perfect addition to their team. Responsive Personnel have allowed me to not only develop on the knowledge that I already have, but have also encouraged me to venture into new areas of recruitment and really use my skills to become a pro-active member of the team! 

Describe what it is like working at Responsive Personnel in one sentence…

Every day is different but always totally rewarding, and the RP team makes each day fun!

What makes Responsive Personnel stand out compared to any other recruitment agency in Swindon?

I think that some agencies tend to focus a lot on expanding their businesses and think of recruitment in terms of “numbers”. Whereas we focus largely on the wellbeing of our candidates and ensuring our clients are receiving the service they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. I have found that the quality communication that we have with our candidates means that we can feedback regularly to our clients and this results in us have long-lasting workers that fit right into the clients working culture. 

For those looking to venture into a new career how can you help open new opportunities for them?

CVs are obviously a big part of securing a new role so I am happy to sit with a candidate and discuss how they can show off their skills and experience in a beneficial way for roles they are applying to. We as an agency do not look only at a candidate past experience but rather look at their general capabilities and sell the transferable skills that they have to our clients. A number of our clients will also offer to upskill candidates previously gained skills which they can then use when progressing within that client or moving away from agency work. 

How can you provide employees for small independent businesses?

Part of my role is to discuss with clients or potential clients what they are truly looking for when recruiting for individuals. This includes not only the key skills and experience desired for that particular role, but also the type of personality that they are looking to join their team. When advertising and interviewing for this role, we will always keep in mind that the person needs to not only be appropriate for the role, but also fit in to the team no matter how big or small the business is.

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Responsive Personnel Swindon

Responsive Personnel

Responsive Personnel is an independent employment agency which successfully recruits for clients within the Industrial, Commercial and Hospitality sectors.

Delta 609 , Welton Road , Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 7XF

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