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TGt Meets... Shilen Madhani

We spoke to Shilen Madhani about his family run business - MBROS Superstore. Find out about his achievements, challenges and what it's like to run an independent business here in Swindon...

1. What inspired you to set up MBROS here in Swindon?

MBROS SUPERSTORE was setup 29 Years ago by my Dad and became a family run business and we were actually the first Discount Store in Swindon. My family moved to the UK in 1972 from Africa as they were a part of the Idi Amin process of removing all Asians from East Africa. My family came over to Swindon with no money and were initially based in Army camps. Therefore Swindon as a town became home to the Madhani family. Hence the name - MBROS -  MADHANI BROTHERS.

2. What makes your business different from your competitors?

We sell such a wide variety of products and have always been known as the store that has everything that you’re looking for. We always try to improve our stock and product range year on year following trends. We are one of the Largest Independent stores in Swindon and will always cater for any customer and because we are an Independent Family Run Business we will always do our best to Provide the best customer service and source any product within reason for our customers, the larger stores will never be able to compete against our personal service as they are all just following guidelines from Head office.

3. Describe your business in 3 words…


4. Why do you think Swindon is such an attractive place for businesses?

Swindon is growing every year with new potential for expansion.

5. How do you like to spend your time off?

As I don’t get much time off when I do I like to Travel the world, spend time with the family.

6. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

The store has had a major uplift and we have introduced a new Epos system.

7. What have been your key challenges and how have you overcome them?

Our Key Challenges are getting new customers to find a reason to come to Gorsehill, hence the use of social media and obviously working alongside Total Guide to Swindon will for sure generate a new Interest into the area as well as show what we have to offer which people are still not aware of.

8. Your 2pm meeting has been cancelled, meaning you now have a two-hour lunch break. What do you do?

I stay at work and get other work done. I don’t have the pleasure in doing anything in work hours like go for a break of coffee unfortunately.

9. Describe Swindon in three words...

Improving, Expanding, Great Town

10. What are your plans for the future?

MBROS SUPERSTORE, has changed and is growing year on year. We have had our first re fit in 28 years and are looking at new product lines to offer to our customers. We are working hard on getting customers new and potential to our store as we are very confident that once you have been in store and actually see what we have there would be no need to go anywhere else.

MBROS Superstore

79-83 Cricklade Road, Swindon, Wilshire, SN2 1AB

MBROS Superstore
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