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TGt Meets... Rachael Matweijczyk Booth, Sales and Marketing Director at Total Guide to

After our announcement that Rachael Matweijczyk Booth would be coming back to Total after being involved with the company from its inception, we caught up with our new Sales and Marketing Director about her new role.

Welcome back Rachael! How does it feel to be coming back to Total?

It’s a very exciting time both for myself and the team. As I was with Total from its launch it feels like I’ve come full circle. The team are amazing and have been really welcoming.

You’ll be heading up the Sales and Marketing, what is your experience in this area?

I have been in sales and marketing for fifteen years so bring with me a wealth of experience in all areas of media and marketing. I’ve worked in online, print and radio, with a vast range of business from start-ups to multi-nationals so feel easily able to adapt. For me it’s about listening to the clients’ needs and advising them on what works best for their business and their objectives and delivering on this and evolving the relationships.

What can we expect from Total over the next few months?

We have a relaunch of the sites happening imminently, the new design looks amazing and is really user friendly. We have also just launched our Total Guide to GDRP event and the ongoing social media training is ever-growing. Plus, there will be some exciting new events and competitions launching soon. We are always looking for ways to develop the business and listen closely to both our clients’ and users’ feedback in what they would like to see.

You were at Total Guide to from the very beginning, how has the business changed from then to now?

Yes, I was with Total from the initial launch, it’s so lovely to see that many of the clients who were supportive of us from the start are still with us as well as a regular flow of new clients. We have adapted the packages to suit all budgets and needs to allow us to create bespoke ad-hoc packages as well and the ongoing campaigns and launch events. The content is better than ever before and the team work really hard in delivering a complete guide to the local area. The social training is ever-adapting to suit the rapid changes in social media. The concept of delivering the best results and supporting our clients is still at the forefront of the business and this is first and foremost everything we strive to do.

Why is Swindon such a great place to do business? 

Swindon is a fantastic place to do business. It’s recently been identified as one of five Fast Growth Cities, companies that are hungry for growth and success are thriving in Swindon and we are here to support them. The business network in Swindon are a very lively, engaged and welcoming community which has been integral to the continued growth of Total.

Where do you want to see Total in the next 12 months?

I would like us to continue evolving the business, growing the existing sites and continuing to build our client base whilst still maintaining the customer service ethics we strive to achieve. It would be nice to grow the team both in their own personal development and look to work with new starters as and when the business requires. The aim looking into next year is to look at franchising some of the new sites, which will be a really exciting time for us.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities going to be with Total?

Liz is due to go on maternity leave so I will be looking the general day to day running of the business in her absence, I will be looking after the existing clients and looking to over-deliver on their expectations. I will also be looking to increase the brand awareness of all the Total sites through different marketing activities and sourcing new opportunities for us to grow through working alongside our network and creating new strategic partnerships.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Enthusiastic, determined and committed.

How can people reach you if they want to talk about doing business with Total Guide to?

[email protected] or call me on 01793 823000 or 07754856949

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