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TGt Meets...Fig Offices Tenants OM Recruitment

In this TGt Meets interview we've been speaking to Manda Hyatt, Director of OM Recruitment and a tenant at Fig Offices. She told us all about how she runs the business and the wonderful office space that helps the business run smoothly.

1. Please could you provide us a with a quick summary of who you are and what your business is?

I’m Manda Hyatt, I’m the Director of OM Recruitment. Currently a solo run agency – I tend to do things a bit different than your usually high street agency. 

2. What inspired you to run your business here in Swindon?

A good location to be in as people pass through either shopping for the day or they live close by.

3. Why did you choose Fig Offices for your work space?

Fantastic work space, very professional feel to it. 

4. Describe Swindon in 3 words…

Busy, busy, busy

5. What do you think attracts business people to Swindon?

Most likely the location, its easy to get to on the train and buses as well as driving. 

6. What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Overcoming the fear of actually running the business to get it off the ground.

7. What have been your key challenges and how have you overcome them?

As this is a completely new business for me, I found it was learning a whole new business from scratch and how I can make it run as best I can for myself as well as my clients and candidates.

8. Have Fig Offices helped you run your business smoothly? If so, how?

Fig and the team have been really useful in understanding the local area and the benefits of being in a central location for my business. 

9. Your 2pm meeting has been cancelled, meaning you now have a two-hour lunch break. What do you do?

Either bring my next one forward, or catch up on the paper work if I needed too. 

10. What are your plans for the future?

To wait and see how things pan out.

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