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TGt Meets... Dee Temple-Multon

We spoke to Dee Temple-Multon, an Innovation Specialist from GWE Business West, to find out all about her role in the company and what she thinks about Swindon!

Describe your job role

 I work with a variety of companies within Swindon and Wiltshire to help them with their innovation strategies and offer them support to scale up their businesses.

What are your favourite aspects of your position?

Gaining an insight into what makes companies “tick”. We all take so much for granted, but seeing the hard work and passion that goes into designing a new product or process and all the associated aspects of development, marketing, raising finance etc can be extraordinary. I have the greatest respect for any business owner.

What are your professional goals?

To make a difference.

Describe your biggest achievement to date?

Connecting people - I’ve met people who have a plethora of skills and ideas and introduced them to other like-minded individuals. Some have gone on to form very successful companies together.

How do you spend your free time in Swindon?


Name one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Listening skills.

It’s easy to believe that you have all the answers when the probability is that other people can bring experience, knowledge and new ideas to the fore, but if you do all the talking you will never find out.

In your experience, what is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

Recognising that you need the right people with the relevant skills around you.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Get to know your staff and what motivates them. Be honest. Help people identify their responsibilities and their contribution to the company vision. Have a plan.

Describe Swindon in 3 words

Cosmopolitan, visionary, inclusive.

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