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Swindon's Business Focus - Correct Careers Coaching

Meet Jamie Martin, owner of Correct Careers Coaching. Jamie creates personalised programmes and solutions for every company’s employment requirements and is passionate about employee retention, development, and inspiring career success.

Tell us about yourself and what your business does?

Jamie Martin has 10+ years’ successful sales experience (B2B) working within the corporate sales, marketing, media, and recruitment/headhunting world.

Jamie (Managing Director & Founder of Correct Careers Coaching) is an award-winning sales professional, as well as an author, speaker, and podcast host.

Correct Careers Coaching delivers B2B modern sales training (full sales cycle) including social media marketing/prospecting, lead generation, new business conversion, client relationship management, negotiation, as well as my own pioneering programme - sales psychology.

How long have you been established in Swindon?

Correct Careers Coaching has been established in Swindon for over a year.

How have you found your relationship with the local community/local businesses and how do you want to engage with them more in the future?

The local and business community have been very supportive and helpful in providing advice and referrals which has developed a strong community relationship.

Jamie and Correct Careers Coaching has enjoyed networking and developing relationships with many businesses to support their ventures also. I would like to continue to do this to engage more in the future.

Jamie is also an Enterprise Adviser for the local schools/education institutions to provide career advice to young people. This is an area different businesses could engage more in discussion/events to support the future of the local and business community.

Jamie is also part of the Swindon Social Enterprise Steering Group to spend time and advice for helping social enterprises in various areas.

What is your area of expertise and how can you help other businesses/people?

Correct Careers Coaching provides B2B modern sales training specifically targeted at lead generation and new business conversion.

This includes social media marketing and prospecting. This is all underpinned by the development of stronger client relationships, enhanced customer service, and negotiation skills.

These selling techniques will help employees sell more services/products to increase the gross sales of the business.

Jamie can help other business regarding their sales strategy to improve their revenue and processes. I will help streamline your sales strategy - enhancing a strategic approach to selling, resources, developing employees' sales skills, ICT/materials utilised during the sales process, etc.

What are your plans for the future? Main aims, businesses want to work with, expansion, etc.

Future plans include to arrange/host big mastermind events for numerous businesses to attend. Or/and set up a sales training academy.

The aims are to further my sales training programmes, i.e. an e-Learning Sales Course has been developed already in collaboration with another HR Business. I would like to collaborate with other businesses in different industries to develop training/e-Learning courses for these sectors also.

To also employee or have associates join Correct Careers Coaching to help grow the business to support

Find out more about Correct Careers Coaching HERE!

Correct Careers Coaching Swindon

Correct Careers Coaching

Correct Careers Coaching is passionate about employee retention, development, and inspiring career success.

Correct Careers Coaching
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