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SEO: Where to Start on an Existing Website

First up, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is not an area of your business or website that you should underestimate. Let me put it this way, SEO is an animal that is very difficult (but not impossible) to tame, but once you have taught it to behave itself it learns new tricks and it can get out of control again.

But don’t let that put you off investing time and effort into it as it is crucial to your website and business’s development online and the only way to get you to the top of those all important organic search results. So here are some things to consider and places to start to get you on the right track to solving your business’s SEO woes on your existing website.

1.       Get something that you can track your progress on

Online tools such as MOZ are a great way to track how your site is performing. Whether that be with Keywords, Domain Authority, Search Visibility (more on these later) and what of your online content is ranking where. There’s all of this among a range of other information to get your teeth into. Long and short of it, gather data then, you can start to get technical with it and solve your problems. After all there’s no point spending money, time and effort on something if you can’t measure your ROI.

2.       Do a Site Crawl

MOZ will complete a site crawl for you and this will check every single link, piece of content meta-tags, the lot and index them on Search Engines to be found should they meet search criteria. A site crawl also identifies and issues your site has, whether that be broken links and 404 errors or redirect chains and content issues. You can then start to address these issues, fix them and adjust your site to follow SEO best practice.

3.       Get clued up

SEO is an ever changing world and with Google doing updates to their search algorithm more and more often it’s important to stay in the know. So keep your finger on the pulse with all things SEO, follow Google or key influencers in the world of SEO on Social Media, that way you will be sure to come across the most up to date info! On top of this there is so much information out there already in Blogs and online tutorials there’s many a way to find the solutions to your SEO problems, so do your homework!

That’s it for where to start, if any of these terms sounded alien to you fear not keep an eye out for future posts and I will sure to be going into more detail! In the meantime have fun in the wild world of SEO and if you have any questions, give me a message at

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