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Rollercoasters: Out of this World or the Stuff of Nightmares? Apprentice EP. 6 Review

This week’s episode was one I have spent the last week excited to watch just from the tease of Ryan-Mark screaming!

The candidates visited Thorpe Park to be told about their latest task to design an innovative roller coaster experience complete with a 3D simulation of the ride, ready to pitch to industry experts.

Unsurprisingly, roller coasters are just another thing on the long list of things Thomas loves and he launched straight into why he should be project manager this week. Thomas has still not worked out that his style alienates people even if his ideas are good. He's like a bull in a china shop at every turn. The role actually went to Scarlett even though Thomas was the only one with an idea of what a new roller coaster could be. He thought up a sci-fi concept with many loops and the team embraced it.

For the other team, bakery owner Carina put herself forward, she outlined the idea of a rollercoaster where a dreamscape which turns rapidly into a nightmare.  This team went for something they felt was unique – the drop backwards concept. (They’ve clearly never gone on the Everest ride in Orlando).

Their sub-team led by Ryan-Mark spent hours creating their branding and then not listening when it came across to everyone as a mix of Hammer House Horror and alien encounters.  Even the name Insomnia was iffy. Much of this led us to believe this idea was going to dive-bomb.

On pitch day, Scarlett’s team seemed to miss the mark with 'The First Loop' with the ride enthusiasts and professional panel talking about the loops being so frenetic they felt sick. Also, their branding did not reveal in any way that this was a world first ride and why. 

In the boardroom, the real rollercoaster ride began. it was clear that Scarlett’s team with their First Loop ride were feeling very positive – only to find their hopes dashed. The experts had unanimously chosen Insomnia as their favourite and they praised their pitch too. 

Scarlett couldn’t decide who to bring back into the boardroom so Lord Sugar did it for her (not a good move on her part). The annoying Lottie was one of those brought back. 

Final, desperate pleas were made, bickering and the blame game ensued and inevitably it was Lasha who was fired despite desperately trying to promise she would try harder to be more visible. As Lord Sugar said it was ‘too little too late’. 

If anything Lottie was actually the one who gave me my top takeaway from this episode for all of the wrong reasons. She said her aim is not to get on with everybody but to be successful.

One thing I have learned is that business is about people and getting on with them!  You cannot have a business without people and you must do your best to build strong, lasting and healthy, adult to adult,  business relationships.

Three lessons from these episodes are:

  • Simple is best – go for one Unique Selling Point and don’t over complicate.
  • Listen to ideas within your team and let people have their say if they are genuinely concerned something is going wrong.
  • If something is world beating, the first in the world or the best or biggest – ensure your marketing picks up on that loud and proud.  

Review by Hannah Edwards of Empowered VA, ‘the VA with a marketing bias

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