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The Business Whisperer - No Ordinary Business Book

They say there is a book in all of us waiting to get out but for local businessman Peter Wilcock this is no longer the case. Peter’s newly released book; The Business Whisperer provides his readers with a fascinating and knowledgeable take on business principles through intriguing animal tales.

The Business Whisperer delivers a fresh look at business, and is definitely worth a read. The book takes it's readers on an educational journey using animal stories to draw readers in and explore business from an invigorating new angle.

Peter spent over a decade at cable giant Virgin Media, and was the driving force behind the growth of cable TV and broadband across the UK.  Following his success with Virgin, Peter then made the leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur - including investing in several businesses. His book is a collection of stories from his vast business experience, but put across in a non- traditional business context and in an engaging and effective way.  Peter has taken a fantastic spin on his book by focussing every business story on an animal.

The Business Whisperer is the story of Exley Manning, a 78 year old philanthropist who, over his long career, has discovered the secrets of life so many others have searched for in vain.  His chance encounter with Art Biddle, a young entrepreneur, leads to a fascinating journey of learning as the two become great friends.  Exley teaches the young man his philosophy about life and business using a series of animal analogies beginning with a tale about a Chicken and a Pig. Art becomes entranced by the tales as his personal search for wisdom is met by Exley’s desire to share his knowledge.  However, their relationship ends prematurely before Exley can fulfil his promise of sharing more stories.  But he leaves the young man a priceless gift… his journal of writings including the full catalogue of his philosophies using animals as the imagery. The stories are so captivating they make each business principle instantly memorable, never to be forgotten by anyone who reads them.

This book is the story of how one man’s philosophy, and the unique way with which he illustrates each lesson, changed the life of his student. Brilliantly illustrated, each chapter offers wisdom and advice on how to deal with the demanding situations people find themselves in during their business life.  Most will identify with the young man, as he discovers the treasures hidden in Exley’s writings, as the meaning behind each one begins to transform his thinking and beliefs.


Peter comments; “I’ve had so many amazing experiences across the years and often found myself telling stories about them, especially some of the life lessons I’ve learnt along the way.  I started off writing a blog with the odd story, and then when I’d written a few more one of my mentors said I should turn them into a book. I then thought I needed to wrap them around a proper story or it would just be a series of stand-alone principles.  So I created Exley and Art as a way of communicating the whole story.  People are always asking which is me, but I’m not telling…

It’s been hard work but so rewarding to get the things I’ve observed and learnt down on paper, and hopefully it will not just be a good read but will have some good advice in there for people.”  


Paxton House , Prospect Place, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 3ET

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