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Paul Eagles' 2021 Summer Business Plans

Today we're talking to Paul Eagles who runs Midwinter Web Design in Swindon offering to design, develop, support and maintain websites for businesses across the UK.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far? 

So far Spring has been very good for business, people are starting to feel more confident and business appear to be feeling more optimistic about the future.

What are your plans for the Summer – for your business and for you? 

For the business we will continue to provide great website solutions for all of our new and existing customers. 

On a personal level, hopefully, the team and myself will be able to get some time of work and enjoy sunshine and the great British summer! And we'll be able to go on holiday with our families somewhere!

What are you most looking forward this summer which you had to step away from last summer? 

On a business and personal level, it would be great to be able to safely meet up with people and go back to regularly visiting Costa!

At home being able to visit family and friends - and taking breaks to places probably within the UK this year. 

May is National Walking Month, and walking was an activity which was one thing we could do over the last 12 months.  Please share your walking experiences in recent years. 

I am very fortunate to live near the Cotswold Water Parks around South Cerney, during lockdown we have enjoyed walking around the multitude of tracks and paths in this area. There are always new observations to make, especially as we have witnessed the seasons changing from winter to spring.

I also do like running and cycling and this takes me all around Wiltshire and the Cotswolds. 

Can you name one day in May which is important for you in your business or in your personal life? Why is that date important? 

I think the two May Bank Holidays are important, it gives most people an extra break, and hopefully allows us all to spend time with friends and family.

Sometimes we can be distracted by constant hard work and overlook the importance of down time and recharging our batteries.

Are you attending (have you booked) any events at all for you as a business person, or for you personally that you are really looking forward to? 

I belong to an active and proactive business referral group in Swindon called BusinessWise and it will be wonderful for us to be able to meet up in person, after months of virtual networking. Initially we'll probably meet in small groups and then as a larger group again. While I'm grateful for the virtual networking opportunities, it's wonderful to be able to meet face to face again. 

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business in May 2021? 

To take action - don't procrastinate. Don't worry about working nine to five, worry about a small to-do list and get it done. 

And finally: 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer and fingers crossed our local, national and international economies will be more and more positive and confident.

Paul has run his own business for close to 20 years and can be found here

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