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Yvonne Parker

November Talk with Yvonne Parker

It's almost the end of November and what's going on in your business or organisation as the month draws to a close? Today we're talking to Yvonne Parker, of Yvonne Parker Hypnotherapy based in Swindon. Yvonne helps
her clients shift their emotional state through what can be a very difficult time using a blend of techniques using hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, NLP, talking therapy and past life regression.

What’s your business highlight for November 2021?
Being able to help a cancer patient overcome their fear of going to the hospital so that they can go there to have their cancer treatment.

And what about a personal highlight this month?
Deciding to take more exercise by walking more each week and getting outside connecting with nature.

November represents Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month. What does this mean to you?
I find that sometimes men feel like they are unable to reach out when they have issues or are struggling themselves, with the stereotypical view being that they are expected to be brave for everyone else and just deal with it. 

My hope is that men will feel that they are able to reach out to someone like myself to ask for help and be willing to try alternatives to get them to a much better place in their life to see their way forward.   

November 13 was World Kindness Day – has anyone shown kindness to you in the last month or so? 
Yes. I feel people are always showing kindness every single day.  This can be as simple as giving me a smile or saying hello to me or sometimes someone will compliment you on what you are wearing or buy me a coffee or a drink. 

 I feel very blessed and lucky in my life as I have people around me in my work and my home life that show me kindness all the time, that can be simply by picking up the phone or sending a message to say ‘Hi how are you, just checking in to see you are ok’. 

Are there any awareness days or special weeks in November which are relevant to you?
3/11 Stress Awareness day  

13/11 World Kindness Day

19/11 International Men’s Day

21/11 World Hello Day

26/11 National Day of Listening

All relevant to my business as these are things that my clients come to me for help with in one form or another, sometimes just to offload and discuss their problems in a safe judgement free space, that they are suffering with stress and I help them learn techniques to help with this.  Selfcare and being kind to themselves, breaking habits or behaviours, self-sabotage, drug addiction through low self-worth, self-confidence, I help them to believe in themselves and be able to shout about who they are.

Have you got any events planned for late November or December you’d like to shout about?
I have already started my Group EFT/Hypnosis Emotional Eating online program which is a 5 week program to get your mind and body connecting together, this will be running again starting in January 2022. 

These events can all be found here

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