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As full lockdown measures are replaced, unwary drivers could find themselves facing fines.


Drivers could be fined £2,500 if they forget key SORN details or if they fail to update them.

Many road users may have applied for statutory off-the-road notification, (SORN), during lockdown as a way to save on their car insurance and tax costs. Those not using their cars may have SORN-d their vehicle so they could enjoy tax refunds and reduced or suspended insurance premiums.

However, many drivers could have forgotten about their SORN and started driving again without changing this status. This could lead to them being prosecuted and given a heavy fine, as technically they do not have any car tax or insurance in place, which means they are acting illegally.

Figures from MID have previously revealed that around 3,000 drivers are issued warnings about this every day in the UK.


The government’s six-month MOT extension means that up to four million motorists could be driving illegally this autumn. They could be liable to be fined £1,000 because their MOT certificate has expired and they can’t get a test in time.

Car owners are expected to flood garages to make bookings, as those who opted to take the government’s six-month test extension are due to have their vehicles tested.

The exemption, introduced on 30 March and came to an end on 1 August, has caused a big rise in the number of cars needing a new MOT certificate over the next couple of months and there may not be enough capacity.

Anyone whose car check was due between March 30 and July 30 would have the deadline for a new certificate extended by six months. This applied from the due date. For example, those whose MOT was due on 6 July 2020 would have it extended to 6 January 2021. However, those that were due at the start of the lockdown will be approaching the new deadline.

If caught illegally without an MOT certificate, motorists will be fined £1,000. 

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