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Mike Land

May Talk with Mike Land

The end of May is upon us and plans are afoot everywhere for the upcoming Platinum Jubilee where we celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Each week we speak to business owners to find out how things are going for them. Today we're talking to Mike Land who is the creative director and brand strategist of Nickel Design based in Swindon.

May is the last month of Spring – how has Spring been for you so far in your business? 
It’s been an interesting start to the year, enquiries have increased which gives me great confidence that businesses have adjusted to life after Covid.  And my investment in networking is paying off.

Have you got any milestones coming up in May, personal or in your business, role or organisation?  
Personal – our anniversary is coming up and it's a year since I proposed to Sue!  

In business – an old colleague reached out to me, asking if I had any freelance work? Rich has been with me for almost a year and it really has propelled the business forward.

This has been a challenging time for some businesses – with issues around supply chains and cost of living rises – how are you facing that as a business or as a consumer? 
Most of the UK’s paper comes from abroad, costs have increased, timelines have increased, and we are at the mercy of our supply chains.  

We have done our bit, smaller car, smaller engine (not quite made the jump to electric).  And we’ve had solar panels on the roof for a while.  And I don’t need to mention our transition to Zoom meetings over face to face meetings, but I do enjoy getting out now and then.

Do you have any money-saving tips or hacks you could share?  
Are you doing your best to go paperless, opting for digital files, proposals and brochures?

How do you maintain customer service when faced with issues such as staff shortages?  
The most annoying part of working with another business or supplier is communication, after the last few years, I think we are all a little more understanding of people’s situations.  Keep in touch!

Do you have any plans for the Queen’s Jubilee at home, in your community or in your business?  
I remember enjoying the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, parties, getting together… and of course my commemorative Silver Jubilee Crown coin.  

After our successful VE Day celebrations, where we enjoyed a distanced street get together… we are blocking off the cul-de-sac and getting the neighbours together to enjoy a good old fashioned street party.

What do you think of our Queen?
I am very proud of our royal family, recently they have shown us that they are just like any other family with their problems and issues.  

The Queen has done so many amazing things during her lifetime and for me, has been one of the most consistent icons throughout my life.  My favourite moment has be  her appearance in the James Bond 007 Olympic film.

May is National Walking Month – it’s also one of the most beneficial exercises – do you walk at all?  
Walk?  I run… it has been a passion of mine for quite a few years now, and I proudly display three medal displays packed full of 10ks, half marathons, marathons and the odd triathlon.

Where is your favourite place to walk?  
We are so lucky, we are surrounded by so much green, just five minutes’ walk and we can be in the countryside!  And you would be surprised how much of Swindon and the surrounding areas you can visit on a 20+ mile training run.

What’s your one top business tip to help others be positive about their business right now?  
Look around, local businesses are investing in the area.  Consider collaborating, identify the businesses and services that could help to make your brand stronger.  Let’s support each other.

Tell us all one thing which we won’t know about you.
I’ve entered a few things during my life, I never got to meet the gladiators, but the most recent one is probably entering a competition to be the next Milk Tray Man! Lost out again!!!

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