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Marketing Techniques for Local Small Business'

A small business owner has a lot to think about and needs to put in huge efforts to make it a success. You may be so busy, that you neglect to think about your marketing. Even for a local business, marketing is important; you want to get your brand out into the community and tell people you are there.

It does not have to be complicated or time-consuming to market your company, but the opportunities you will lose from not doing it make it worth the effort.

Going Digital

Many small business owners may shy away from marketing online because they do not feel it is relevant to a small local company. The truth is that almost all of your customers are probably using Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites and you should too.

Gaining an understanding of how they work and what things your customers like are part of the process. If you have a shop, you can try displaying your social media account names to encourage people to follow you.

Once you are online, try to make regular posts about special offers or local events. This will help your followers to engage with you and share your posts.

It is important, however, to protect yourself from online attacks. Even local businesses can be a target for malware and ransomware. Software procurement systems such as CloudFlex can help you to secure your online data and protect it from attacks.


One way that you can attract new customers is to offer a gift for their first visit or purchase. It will often be a good way to start people visiting your business, and when they have visited the first time, they may be encouraged by other things or offers you may have.

With giveaways, it is important to target only a local area. You want your community to know you are there and any new residents to find you. It may then become the word of mouth which is the best type of advertising.

The Personal Touch

You have a unique advantage over bigger companies; you know your clients face to face. It is this connection that can help to sell a business’s brand and promote it around the community.

You will often hear people talking about a certain shop they used to like or a particular local brand they always bought. It is this community feeling that you need to capitalise on to grow your company.

Sponsoring local events

An excellent way to get brand exposure is by sponsoring a local event or group. Many local football teams and other sporting organisations have local sponsors.

You can also sponsor a local school fete or festival and offer special deals for anyone attending the event.

Ideas like these are simple ways you can promote your brand and build your company. With slow steps, you can quickly improve sales and in turn, make more money for your business.

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