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Looking Forward To Christmas!

By Hannah Edwards, a professional VA with a marketing bias, particularly around social media. I’ve run my business, Empowered VA Services for the last three years in Swindon and have both local and international clients.

What does Christmas 2020 mean for you in your business?

For me Christmas is when I aim to make sure that all of my clients tasks are wrapped up so that they can have a nice relaxing time with their families without worrying about where their social media posts are going out or if their diaries are updated.

The lockdown has affected how most people have been able to work this year so I’ll be touching base with everyone before Christmas to see what their end of year goals are and how I can help them achieve them so that they end the year on a high.

Or are you a business owner who thinks more of ‘autumn/winter’ rather than Christmas? 

I think I’m a bit of both. I review my previous goals and see how close I am to hitting them, whether any new goals have popped up and plan out how I will achieve them all by Christmas. I always set Christmas as my yearly goal deadline so I can end the year on a high and celebrate them during New Year.

In your business when do you start talking or planning Christmas?

I start planning earlier as my client, Fiona Scott, has her annual Christmas auction that runs November to December so I find planning Christmas needs to start earlier so that I can support Fiona during her auction and my other clients to wrap up their year.

For my business, I’ll going over my plans for the end of 2020 and then adding in my clients Christmas/end of year plans and creating action plans to support them accordingly. I’ll also start looking forward to 2021 and planning the workshops and Masterminds that I want to fit in throughout the year.

Will your business be operating differently during Quarter 4 2020? 

I’m revamping and revealing some of my current packages and focusing some of my time on sharing some blogs that will show people how a virtual assistant can support businesses going into 2021. 

I think the main thing that I’ll be doing differently is a lot more in depth planning for the following year ahead as I have a lot of plans I didn’t get to do in 2020 due to the pandemic so I want to plan to fit them into 2021.

Are you planning any events in Quarter 4, virtual or real world? 

I’ll be starting my own social media Facebook group where I will be going live and sharing ways to boost your social media and answering people’s questions on social media.

Have you got any milestones to share? 

As I mentioned before I will be spending November to December sharing posts regarding my client’s online charity auction. I enjoy spending my time on this project because it utilises a lot of my skills as a virtual assistant that I wouldn’t use everyday as well as learning new skills that will expand my knowledge.

I’ll also be planning how to celebrate my 4 years in business for January 2021. I try to do something different each time.

Have you faced some challenges which have changed things for you? 

The whole pandemic has been one big mix of positive and negative challenges! I turned my focus full blast on my business, had the ups and downs of losing and gaining clients and on top of all of that I needed to adjust to the new routine of working from home without letting myself get distracted.

How are you feeling generally about business in your community at this time?

I have met more VAs since the start of the lockdown than I have in the entire time I’ve been in business and I think that is more to do with the fact that we’ve all had more time to seek out other businesses in our industry to gain and give support when needed. 

I speak to another VA in Swindon practically every day and we celebrate our wins and share our lows without competition. For me it’s all about community over competition and I’m always happy when a fellow VA has a win for their business.

Any special offers you’d like to mention?

I’m holding a special offer on my Facebook Business Page audits. They’re normally £35 but in January will be going up to £45. Until Christmas 2020 I am offering a Facebook Business Page audit for £25 which comes with a full report including suggestions on how to boost your page ready for going into 2021! All you have to do is email "> 

And finally: 

This year has been tough but we’re going into the final couple of months of 2020 and each of these new days that we’re waking up to is a fresh chance to push towards achieving your goals and finishing off the year strong.

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