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Looking forward to Christmas!

By Denise Little who is a clinical hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in Wiltshire and her business is called Mind Reset. She brings people from a place of despair, discomfort, anxiety, stress, through a journey by using bespoke therapy where they can flourish and grow and become comfortable within their own skin.

What does Christmas 2020 mean for you in your business? 

Christmas has always been a stressful time for people and – this year is no different.  The main aspects that Christmas brings for me are clients who are struggling with stress, family situations, money worries, even the dark nights impact on mental well-being. 

What is showing now is that people are more anxious about Christmas and the lead up to it. Will we have another lockdown, will they still be employed, how will they deal with the lack of festivities?

I am seeing people now who recognise this year is unique and it is impacting in ways they never thought it would. More stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of control. So many unanswered questions floating around their minds. I am helping them put some clarity back in their lives so Christmas can be enjoyable.

Or are you a business owner who thinks more of ‘autumn/winter’ rather than Christmas? 

Actually – I split it..

Autumn/winter has its own issues – dark nights, colder weather, Seasonally Affected Disorder, people become depressed, sad, lonely, lose confidence. The help clients want is to give them optimism, see the good things in life and create a sense of purpose.

Christmas is a time for worry, stress, reminiscing over things and that can include family feuds. What clients see me for is to give them a clear head and the confidence and control to get through the festive season.

In your business – do you start planning Christmas in October or November? 

Yes - I put together information blogs such as 'How to get through the Festive Season in 10 easy ways!” and start emailing and contacting clients to ensure they are on track with it all.

I also reach out to other charities and organisations who may have people needing help at this time of year but can’t afford it or have been waiting for an NHS referral.

Will your business be operating differently during Quarter 4?

Yes! These past months have been difficult to run my business as I had on the past. So I am moving my business to a place where I can operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day if need be.

I am actually bucking the trend and moving from working from home (when I have no clinic space) to working from a new space that will accommodate both my clients and me. At least then I won’t be distracted by the dog, washing up or the TV!

Are you planning any events in Quarter 4, virtual or real world? 

I have a 5 day challenge – Destress for Christmas – I will run it on my facebook page – Mindreset21. 

Each day I focus on one aspect that people struggle with during this time of year – sleep, confidence, energy etc – it is a simple yet effective challenge which involves a daily task, a daily live feed and an MP3 to listen to. 

Have you got any milestones  to share? 

Moving clinics – this is a HUGE thing for me as it means a step up in my business. I am making more time for clients and more time to build resources for people to access.

Have you faced some challenges which have changed things for you? 

The biggest challenge I have faced this year has been the change in how I run my business and see clients. From being able to see clients face to face – I was forced to see them online. 

For some people, this has been brilliant, others not so. The jury is still out on this for me. I am more a face to face person so struggled with the lack of personal contact.

Also – there is more to do around my new space. The simple act of having someone in my room has changed. This includes the amount of clients I can see in a day and the way of dealing with them has changed. 

BUT – it hasn’t stopped me from expanding and taking these challenges and making new things from them. 

I am also putting together new programmes which clients can access online, continuing with my online sessions and creating workshops which can be delivered either online or as a small group.

How are you feeling generally about business in your community at this time? 

I personally think that some businesses have struggled and some businesses have flourished. It’s how you see the challenges in front of you. Do you lie down and die or do you take the challenge by the scruff of the neck and do something? 

I am optimistic that we will all come through this period stronger and wiser.

Anything else you’d like to say? 

Your whole world revolves round the pictures you paint in your mind and the words that you say to yourself…

For more information visit www.mindreset.co.uk

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