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Looking Forward To Christmas!

By Bob Hayward, Managing Director of Be More Effective. Many business leaders are frustrated by slow growth and low employee engagement. Be More Effective accelerates business growth from the inside out by finding, developing, and aligning top talent; lifting individual confidence and enriching personal skills, by improving staff engagement from the bottom up, all of which together ensure both immediate and sustainable improvement in activities and results.

What does Christmas 2020 mean for you in your business? 

December can either be incredibly quiet or incredibly busy. It depends on how many of our clients want to do an “annual review” or a “launch for next year”. When our clients are less frantic serving their customers they often want to run some kind of internal communication event. We have already started running these. We had conference for 80 people recently all on Zoom. Lots of fun, quizzes, team breakout sessions, paired breakouts and a motivational speaker. 

This year I’d love to take two weeks off and relax so we will see what requests come in. It might end up being just the Bank Holidays!

Christmas at our house is normally a huge family affair, with four of our own adult children, their partners and five grandchildren. This year it might have to be a bit smaller “in-person” with others on Zoom. 

Or are you a business owner who thinks more of ‘autumn/winter’ rather than Christmas? 

No. Christmas is important to me from a faith point of view and a family point of view. It is a great time for reflection, for celebration, for thanks giving and of course for hope in the things to come. 

In your business when do you start planning Christmas?

We tend to plan most things 90 days in advance. I prefer to have the next quarter well laid out. Clients are not always the same and requests do come in for the shorter term. Q4 is no different in that sense. The content of the quarter is dictated at least 70% by what our clients need from us.

Will your business be operating differently during Quarter 4 2020? 

This year we have moved the majority of what we do online. Whether we are running client conferences, facilitating brainstorming sessions, coaching or training people or interviewing people for a new job. It is now 90% online. Zoom and Teams dominate our days. Even most of our internal meetings are on Zoom. 

Are you planning any events in Quarter 4, virtual or real world? 

Internally some gifts will be sent out and a “special” Zoom meeting held. Sadly I do not think we can join each other for food and drink at any of our favourite pubs…

Have you got any milestones to share? 

10th December see the launch of our new book 'The Profit Secret'! I hope to be celebrating another best seller by Christmas. That will be a great Christmas present.  

Have you employed any new staff recently? 

Yes, Seb Chiffers joined us only a few weeks ago. He has come in to help with the promotion of our weekly free Thoughts on Thursday Webinars as well as support me with some client work.

Have you faced some challenges which have changed things for you? 

With the initial lockdown about half our worked stopped instantly as people cancelled face to face consulting, coaching and training. Most recruitment stopped also. So I decided to do what I could to help those business, old clients and non-clients, regardless. 

I contributed to two books with twenty or so other authors. Remote Working was the first. This is packed with advice for people who had never worked from home. And secondly Fit For Purpose Leadership #6. This is packed with advice for business owners and managers on how to lead during a crisis. 

I also start a free weekly webinar series (Thoughts on Thursday) with key leadership and business advice to help during this crazy time. One hour of quality business advice from top business consultants from different fields and with different complimentary ideas on how to keep sane and profitable during the pandemic. While I only intended to broadcast five of these live events they proved so popular with both the audience and speakers from across the world that we are still running them six months later.  

How are you feeling generally about business in your community at this time? 

The desire of so many great people to help and the appetite to keep learning and evolving have both been an inspiration to me over this year. Great people are simply amazing. Together we will get through this, together we are stronger. 

Any special offers you’d like to mention? 

Come on one of our free Thoughts on Thursday Webinars - you will enjoy it, you will learn from it and it will inspire you as it has thousands of others.

And finally:

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well and if you have the capacity, please reach out and help one other person get through this.  

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*Picture one shows Bob Hayward & picture two his new colleague Seb Chiffers. 

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