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Lisa Berry's 2021 Business Growth & Plans

Today we're talking to Lisa Berry, owner of Swindon-based Cheeky Little Prints. Cheeky Little Prints captures your pet’s unique paw print with an easy to use inkless paw print kit that can be posted to you at home. Prints are then tidied up to remove any extra furry bits, so you have a nice clear paw print to keep forever. Your furbaby’s paw print can be showcased in stunning sterling silver jewellery as well as personalised paw print stamps and gifts. Also, check out the newly released pet fur and cremation ashes jewellery.

April is here – how does this month fit into the ebb & flow of your year? 

April marks the beginning of the financial/tax year so it signifies a fresh start.  April is also birthday month, Cheeky Little Prints will be 12 years old this month, which is an achievement I am incredibly proud of.  

To celebrate I will be offering 12% off all silver paw print jewellery along side the introductory offer I currently have running for my newly released pet fur and cremation ashes jewellery.  So April is going to be a big month for special offers!

What are you most looking forward to as the country tries to ‘open up’?

I am most looking forward to visiting places with my children like days out, sporting activities, visiting my parents' caravan for fun family time. Treating my boys to an ice cream at the beach. Spending time with my sister who I haven’t been able to see much of for the past year.

It’s also Stress Awareness Month, what measures have you taken in your business to reduce the stress on yourself & your team?

The last year has been particularly stressful running the business whilst simultaneously attempting to home school two children as a single parent and at times I really have felt that stress.  

With schools opening up I have been able to reduce my stress levels quite a lot by having focussed time to work during the day, taking regular walks and being more realistic with what I can achieve in a day.  There is a lot to catch up on but I will tackle it bit by bit.

What do you do personally to support your health and wellbeing? 

I have to admit that I have not been good at putting myself first for a long time but I have been recently trying to address this. 

I have began scheduling in time to read a little each day, making sure I walk everywhere I can e.g. school runs etc, doing short work out routines in the evening and getting to bed a bit earlier so I can get more sleep.

Do you see your product/service as one which supports the health and wellbeing of others such as your clients? 

Yes absolutely, silver paw print jewellery and the newly released pet fur and cremation ashes jewellery really helps to support pet parents’ mental health. 

Losing your furbaby is devastating and many pet parents really struggle to come to terms with their huge loss. Having their furry friends unique paw print or a little of their pet fur or ashes in beautiful jewellery that they can wear and keep with them all the time is incredibly powerful.  

Being able to touch and hold your jewellery whenever you need to feel connected and close to your pet is a massive source of comfort and support. I know this from both personal experience and from talking to lots of pet parents over the years.

As the year goes on, will you take health and wellbeing more seriously going forward?

I already have done to be honest and will continue to as the year unfolds. It’s not easy forming new habits but it can be done with consistent effort. Health and wellbeing are too important not to be focussed on.

Have you got any big events - personal or business - you are preparing for later this year?

Cheeky Little Prints’ 12th birthday is an important milestone this year which happens in April. I also have my eldest son turning 13 in June, which is very special, he is an amazing young man who I am incredibly proud of.

Have you got any Spring services or special offers you’d like to mention?

To celebrate 12 years of Cheeky Little Prints I am offering 12% off all silver paw print jewellery from 14th – 30th April.

And finally:

Take advantage of the spring season of growth to try something new and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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Cheeky Little Prints

Cheeky Little Prints are a Swindon based jewellery company helping pet owners keep a part of their pet with them wherever they go.

60 Bullfinch Close, Swindon, SN3 5HP

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