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My Strategy For Surviving Coronavirus

By Linda Davies Carr who is known as the Master Fixer. Linda is a business coach and operational specialist. She works with clients to guide them to business success and for some, works within their business as an operations director to guide the implementation of processes including consistent marketing. She is based in Bristol however works with clients globally.

When did you realise the Coronavirus could be a problem for you and your business? 

I was working with a client in Dublin who is always very focused on current affairs and we were watching the news from China and Italy at the end of February. 

Together we moved a number of her speaking events and seminars on line and provided a new service offering quickly.

I doubled up my contact and support with my 121 clients and went daily into my membership inviting experts to help my members prepare their businesses and themselves for what was going to happen.

What has been your plan to continue? 

It’s a period of consolidation,

I’m using the time to reconnect with past clients and offering support, deepening the support and contact with my existing clients and continuing to provide support, insight and guidance. 

The business will be leaner, tighter and more effective as a result.

I am learning new skills and have taken the time to learn how to edit video to further support the move to video content.

How have you changed your business as the weeks are passing?

Embrace technology or run the risk of being left behind. Use video to generate the feeling of community and continue to over deliver. Keep your team tight and support the people around you. 

You will lose some clients, it’s inevitable, so see this as a positive, that your business is “clearing out” and creating space for new clients. 

Use this time, it’s a gift, to go back to basics and rebuild the foundations of your business. So you can come back stronger, leaner and more successful.

What advice would you give to others in business? 

Be coachable, listen to the advice being given, take instruction and stay at home. 

Work on your resilience, develop new skills and reach out to others who will benefit from your remote support.

What can be learned from this when it comes to business? 

Always have an agile plan, develop multiple streams of income. Hone your skills and be adaptable and flexible to change. 

Work on yourself harder than you do your business and never take it personally - this is just business, so in summary take a proactive approach and build your business resiliency. 

Your parting thought?

I think it’s important to have great people around you who can help you stay focused, positive and flexible. 

Your initial reaction will be to cut all outgoings, so choose carefully - you need good people around you for when this is over. 

The business world will be fundamentally changed, and we all need to be ready!

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