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Julianne Ponan

Julianne Ponan of Creative Nature shares her positive memories from 2022

Julianne Ponan , of Creative Nature, shares her top five positive moments of 2022. Creative Nature is a top 14 allergen free food brand. They provide a range of Baking Mixes, Snack Bars, Confectionery and Superfoods that can be enjoyed by 98% of the population. No one needs to miss out on delicious food with Creative Nature, it is delicious without doubt!

I've been fortunate to make so many great memories during 2022 that it was hard to narrow it down to just my top five! 

The ones that I would like to share are:
We're exporting to 17 countries around the world!
It is incredible to grow the international awareness of allergies and have the products received so well around the world. We really hope to keep expanding the reach we have around the world and cannot wait to see what comes around this year!

We've partnered with Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical
This has been an incredible experience for our business to be a part of and it is something that I have always wanted to do. We have had so much fun doing this! We launched a bus ad campaign which was live in Brighton on the backs and sides of buses. We threw a Christmas Bake Off in partnership with the film which was incredible with so many amazing brands partnering up with us as well. It will be a partnership we won’t forget!

I won the Entrepreneur category at the Women of the Future awards.
This is such a big win for me and was one that I did not expect in the slightest. I was up against some of the most amazing women in business which is why it came as such a shock. It has been an award I have dreamed about winning and one I never believed would become a reality, so this was such a positive thing to happen to me this year. It’s taught me to never doubt myself!

Our team has grown!
Creative Nature has expanded its very talented team and has allowed us to explore opportunities that we had not yet done and launch campaigns that we never thought we would and this is something that has been very positive for the business.

I was so fortunate enough to be picked to be a part of the Made in the UK campaign with DIT.
I appeared on billboards around the UK at train stations, highstreets and many more. Creative Nature were also featured on the radio as part of this campaign which has been positive to myself personally and to Creative Nature as a business.

Find out more about Julianne and Creative Nature at



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