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How To Write A Compelling Business Essay?

Whether you want to write an essay for finance, management, marketing or business essay, you have to follow specific guidelines to develop a well-structured piece of writing. A business essay should present appropriate content with qualified references for the support of arguments. Other essential factors include the use of suitable language, presentation, and layout.

You can break the procedure of business essay writing into small stages to cover its all angles. Before you start writing, here are some important things to do:

Analyze the Question of Essay

Before writing a business essay, you have to identify the exact title and question. Examine the precise wording to work out correct approach. Questions like the impact of the internet on the advertising mix of a company would require an in-depth presentation of this issue and investigation of its implications.

Research Material for a Business Essay

To compose an outstanding essay paper, you will need proper research. Whether you search material at a library or using online resources, always choose information from trustworthy academic sources. These sources can be case studies or articles from official marketing or business journals.

Carefully read resources, make notes and organize this information in an outline to keep the record of particular points. You must remember the details of sources, such as page numbers, publication place, and date, publisher, author and title.

Prepare an Outline for a Business Essay

To write an essay, you will need an outline to organize main ideas and arguments. A framework will help you to hold the whole concept and main argument. Highlight key points that you have to include an introduction, conclusion and main body. This procedure may spark off ideas and assist you to analyze and digest the collected information.

Compose Your First Draft

After structuring an outline plan, you have to compose your first draft. Consider these components to add value to your paper.


Outline your way to address different questions of an essay. Make sure to clearly define the objectives to essay to determine its scope and set out your conclusion. You can include a definition of particular terms in the introduction for your readers.


Provide a ground theory on a general topic or the organizations, if you are working on case studies.


You have to perform a comprehensive analysis of a topic. Make sure to examine critical points of authors to offer a rational argument and cover causes to present a case. Explore conflicting approaches and similarities and validate liberation by sharing your opinion. Choose a correct sequence for your ideas and link different paragraphs to present seamless flow in the information.


In your essay, you have to concisely pull logic and discussion together assumed in the body of the essay. Explicitly mention your viewpoint in your result. Make sure to answer all the questions posed in your introduction. In this section, you have to express your recommendations for further future action and investigation.

If you are using a Harvard referencing method, you have to display one list of references in alphabetical order. If you are using footnotes of each page, you can include bibliography here. After completing an essay, you can ask a third party such as Essaypro to edit and proofread your essay.

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