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How IT brings harmony and peace at Christmas

When you think of a happy and harmonious Christmas, we bet you don’t immediately think about IT! Your thoughts probably wander to cosy days with family and friends (fingers crossed we’re allowed to do that…) whilst eating and drinking a little too much.

Last minute shopping and scribbling those Christmas cards before haring to the Post Office before it shuts. Soaking up those festive TV, films and songs, maybe even whilst playing board games or charades! Giving presents to loved ones and heading out into the crisp cold of the midwinter countryside for a long walk…

But listen up, because there really are applications of types of IT which will help make for a very happy Christmas indeed. Here at Black Nova Designs our brilliant team might be best known for website hosting and development, but did you know that we’re also experts at Wi-Fi- and CCTV installations too? That’s great, but what on earth does that have to do with a happy Christmas, we hear you cry...?! Let us explain…

CCTV (closed circuit television) is a wonderful tool for delivering peace of mind. Whether you’re a lucky horse owner with their own small yard or someone responsible for a large equestrian centre, CCTV offers a way to keep a beady eye on the premises from the warmth of your house. If you’re heading off for a 48-hour fly-by Christmas visit to the family and have asked someone to turn out and bring in your horses during that time, CCTV means you can check the yard whenever you like. It’s also an excellent deterrent for any delightful types who decide to use the festive period to scope out or steal from farms, homes, stables and other rural premises.

CCTV also literally saves lives. We received a truly heartwarming message from a farmer who, thanks to CCTV, had saved the lives of several calves who would have died without quick attention during their birth. Unrelated to Christmas but still worth mentioning is the shepherd who said our installation of CCTV cameras in his lambing shed saved his marriage…! No more popping out in the middle of the night unless totally needed. We’ve also heard from upmarket livery yards implementing CCTV to allow owners to check in and see their horse’s box remotely. This means that there’s a little less guilt if you choose full livery over New Year and you can still see your beloved horse’s face from afar.

Of course, the impact of IT on a happy Christmas isn’t limited to the outdoors or those with animals to care for! Black Nova Designs Director Kyle is a genius at helping homeowners and businesses get a strong Wi-Fi signal anywhere you need it. Fancy trying Christmas this year without Wi-Fi? Nope, us neither! Rural homes sometimes have Wi-Fi- issues thanks to their size, when some areas of the house are just so far away from the router (hands up who would love a country pile where that is a problem...!). In the tiniest cottage a thick stone wall can be problematic too. When it’s your own home you may have worked out ways around it or have ‘sort out the Wi-Fi’ on a to do list that never quite gets done. But with a houseful at Christmas? That’s another matter entirely!

It wasn’t so long ago that if the Wi-Fi wasn’t working then, bar a few spats about not being able to use Facebook, everyone could still watch and do what they wanted. But with every year and Christmas which passes, we are ever more reliant on the internet and therefore on our Wi-Fi. Now, with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime forming such a big part of our festive entertainment, WhatsApp utterly essential for keeping in touch and the distinct possibility of a Zoom Christmas party, Wi-Fi is (Christmas) king!

So, if you think CCTV or Wi-Fi might be on your wish list this winter, why not drop us a line? We also help rural businesses with network and Wi-Fi services to help them implement digital transformation projects. That can be a challenge for those with sprawling, spaced out premises or multiple barns and warehouses - but we always manage! If you’ve struggled with Wi-Fi for your business in the lead up to this Christmas, then you know what to do ready for Christmas 2021! Call 01793 210045 to book a free chat or visit to find out more.

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