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Hello 2021 & Goodbye 2020!

By Emma Carter, managing director ofSmarter Media - a specialist SEO & lead generation agency enhancing the visibility of businesses and brands across the South West. By deploying their #theSmarterWay initiative, they aim to deliver serious growth for customers who are looking to increase their profits and attract quality customers.

As the year starts to turn – how are you feeling about 2021? 

Optimistic. The full effect of Covid-19 is still to be seen, but in the digital marketing world it's has made many businesses wake up to the importance of web & e-commerce in their business. The challenge now is helping businesses to understand that not only has consumer behaviour changed (likely forever) but there isn't a miracle/quick fix solution & a website just isn't enough on its own anymore.  

An effective digital marketing plan requires a strategy incorporating a wide range of solutions including an effective website, strong & continual SEO, digital funnels, 'shop' functionality, digital PR, social media, design, content & video

What are your business goals for the coming year? 

We are an ambitious agency, so everyone at Smarter is really focused on continuing our growth through 2021.  This includes recruiting new employees, further investment in our team's development, new services, new client wins and ongoing delivery of success for our existing clients

Using our #SmarterWay and #SmarterGuarantee initiatives, we will keep our energy & enthusiasm focused on supporting our clients in growing their own business & delivering the results they want!

Will you be introducing any new products or services?

We continue to develop our Pay Per Lead service - a solution which focuses on the delivery of high volume, high quality leads without contract terms. Early campaigns have seen phenomenal results for a range of businesses include law firms, financial services, energy industry and we want to continue developing and growing this service with a select number of clients.

New services will focus on enhancing our SEO solution & introducing new methods/solutions which will continue to deliver results from SEO. The challenge is that keeping up with the constant changes search engines is a full time job for two of our team!

Will you be looking to employ any new staff during the new year? 

We currently have vacancies for a SEO Executive & a Business Development Manager. We're looking for candidates with agency experience, a results focused mindset, customer first mentality & the energy, enthusiasm & willingness to learn. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, check out

Are you looking to invest in yourself as a business owner or company director in 2021 in any way? 

Just as we heavily invest time & money in our team, both Karl Paul, our Executive Chairman, & I recognise the need for us to continually develop too. So, we're members of the Peer Networking Group eNVi. Run by Nicola McHale at Vii International, this has been invaluable in developing our skill set & being held accountable for the direction of our business. Check out or give me a call if you are interested in finding out more

Furthermore, we are investing in Rob Curtis, our Operations Director, via the Dan Bradbury Mastermind Programme - a 12 month programme which develops future leaders to understand the 'whole' business

Looking back across 2020 – name three highlights for you and your business? 

Hiring me!! All joking aside, our end of year position v's our beginning of year position is something we are incredibly proud of - our revenues have seen growth, our margins have improved & we are significantly more robust as a company and a team than ever before 

If I had to name other highlights I would mention signing our largest ever customer, our first international customers, the implementation of SimilarWeb software and just how phenomenal our team have been throughout the year.

Who, in your business community – have been the shining stars of 2020? 

Although there are many, many businesses who have been severely impacted during 2020, there have been lots of companies who have 'pivoted' their business to adapt & grow to the challenges they faced

In particular, Natalie & Alan Louden at Alsco - they have found alternatives ways to reach their existing customer base, incorporated their backend processes (including Sage & distribution) into a new e-commerce site & found new options to target whole customer bases they had never considered before.  

They pivoted their business to protect their business, their employees & support their customer base - and that is pretty spectacular in view of what was going on in the world

And finally: 

Happy New Year to you all! 

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