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HELLO 2021 & GOODBYE 2020!

By Daniel Plowright of Enquir3 Ltd based in Bath. Daniel and his team help you create deeper customer relationships. They believe by better understanding your customer’s needs means they stay with you longer (more sales and profits), promote your business to others (better quality referrals) and your marketing is more focussed (no wasted spend). The team offer a range of support including a free ‘Client Engagement Review’.

As the year starts to turn – how are you feeling about 2021? 

Positive. The services we provide can be key to the success of B2B product / service providers. As businesses realise they need to create closer relationships with their customers the need for our services will continue to increase.

What are your business goals for the coming year? 

To help more businesses increase the value they derive from their customer relationship. To help them ‘cut marketing waste’.

Will you be introducing any new products or services? 

Yes, we will be formally launching the Enquir3 Academy to provide online training resources for those business who are serious about developing and growing their customer relationships.

Will you be looking to employ any new staff during the new year? 

Potentially, if we can build demand through Q1 /Q2 I can see the need to increase resources.

Will you be looking for any new local suppliers in 2021? 

Yes, whilst we are not restricted geographically it’s always good to do business locally.  What we do can create demand for other services suppliers including: PR, copywriting, social media and general business mentoring.

Are you looking to invest in yourself as a business owner or company director in 2021 in any way? 

Yes. We are always looking to expand the relevance of our offer and this extends to products, services and skills. I have been actively supporting the Peer Networks initiative which required a deeper understanding of delivery of ‘Action Learning Sets’  

Looking back across 2020 – name three highlights for you and your business? 

1. Adapting the business to the ‘new normal’.

2. Switching all seminars online and delivering  range of interactive webinars for various partners.

3. Identifying greater opportunities for 2021 and beyond.

Looking back across 2020 – were there any lowlights? How did you face them?

Losing the buzz of ‘stand up’ seminar delivery was a wrench however we've now adapted to an 'online’ environment.

Who, in your business community – have been the shining stars of 2020? 

All of us for still being here?!!

Any special offers for 2021 you’d like to mention? 

If you like what we do… Talk to us. We’ll find a way to make it work.

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